Butterfly and flowers

hp-20130512-5.jpgThanks to the rain last night, it was better weather regarding the temperature and air - a bit cooler.

So it was a better day for cycling to work.
I rather enjoy this "hardship" or "exercise".
Hope tomorrow will be another good day for cycling.

Last bunch of pins, for the moment.
I am afraid there may be the needs of further production of this sort.


hp-20130512-7.jpgWent to work by bike.
It's good 30 mins (used to be 40 mins, but I cut my record!), and I think it is good exercise.

But there was unfortunate incident on the way home. Someone crushe into my bike at the pedestrian's crossing!!
...Lucky that none of us was hurt.
My first ever accident... not happy.

Anyway, here is today's photo.
Lots of pins.
I am preparing for new things, so please wait for a while for more interesting ones.


hp-20130512-6.jpgTidy up never been my favourite activity, although I know it is something one needs to do.
After several years in my room and office, I start feeling the needs of it.

I tackled at home, and it is still on its way.
At office, it took me 2 days to clear documents on the desks.

This activity takes ages!!

I want to leave everything to someone's hand, and to fly away like butterfly.
But, must be done have to be done.
I will continue it in September.... ;)


hp-20130512.jpgThe event at Sansei-do finished and I renewed my "love" to book shops.
I'd love to spend more time browsing various books, and skim read some pages...., which I haven't done for ages.

But before I do that, I need to prepare for this weekend.
There is a big event at Tokyo Big Sight, and I should be ready for it.

Mean time, hair pins.
I thought I had many enough to go by, but seems I need to work on them further.
Good thing, I believe.


hp-20130512-9.jpgToday was the day for Tsumami lesson for myself.
I thought I haven't been for long, but actually, it was the second lesson of this month.

It's good to go somewhere and meet people, and create something pretty.
Next week, according to the advanced notice (warning?!), we are going to tackle something rather complicated, i.e., massive numbers of silk squares to be crafted.

Butterfly to fly away into the summer sky.
I will be staying at 246 common tomorrow afternoon.
Hope there will be no rain while I am out.