Pink and Shiny

bt-20131114.jpgAnother Thursday, and a week is almost done.
Really horrible.
I still have lots to do....

In order to escape from reality blocking my way, I made this.
Slightly sweet and quite shiny hair accessory.
I am happy with the result.


cl-sakura20130430-1.jpgNearly a month prior to the event, but it was almost the last minutes resevarion of my accommodation....
I should have known the mechanism of credit card payment better, so that I wouldn't have to go through this hussle!

Anyway, all the job done, except for one....
A lesson learned: holiday in developed countries cost a lot.

Cherry blossom in Summer?
Yeah, it is Japanese national flower, so used whole through the year for Kimono pattern. It means, the Japanese can use cherry blossoms any time of the year! (Justified!!)

Cherry Blossom

cl-sakura20130430.jpgEveryday, it's like summer.
I am wondering whether it has been like this in late May and early June...
Suppose not.

In addition, despite it is in rainy season, no rain for nearly a week. ... It is true that it does not rain much in June in Tokyo and surrounding areas, but still. We need a bit more moisture for plants and for human.

Cherry blossom and flowers.
... feeling for more summer-ish flowers at the moment due to the weather.
Will make some briefly.


cl-sakura201304-1.jpgBetween 25 and 27 April, joined Hobby Show at Tokyo Big Sight.
Prior to the event, several thoughts crossed my mind, but the end result was very satisfactory ... no, it was fabulous.
I enjoyed very much.

The only thing I reglet there is, I couldn't shop enought!!
There were so many lovely things I wanted have a close look, and to obtain.
I wish I were there as a guest!

But anyway, I am grateful to all the people I met there.
...and to those who made me to write in English again.

Bunch of Flowers

butterflySet up the space in Tokyu Hands in the Sunday morning.
It was raining heavily, and wasn't the best day to bring stuff to anywhere else.

But still...
They are there now!

This is one of the stuff I brought to Hands Garalley Market.
2 way clip with some flowers and a butterfly.
It may be handy when you use a stole or a scarf.