Blue in blue

20130729.jpgIt's been a while since I made accessories for myself.
This time, since I received surprising email notice informing to book a date for wedding, I have decided to make a set.

So the day of Wedding ceremony, I was in China Blouses bought 20 years ago, Lao silk skirt, a Summer bag from Rwanda, a pair of elegant sandals from a shop in Ginza, and spare sandal from Mexico (walking around with that elegant sandals for long? No way!! I can't )

Final bits are accessories.
All of them are coordinated, and full of my favourite colours.
Hair accessory? Here it is.


bt-201307-2.jpgIt was rather cool night compared to the night before.
Probably, that's one of the reasons why I slept nearly 10 hours...

The other reasons - heat and this week's routine - are very good reasons to lead me to that much of sleep, though.

Another few days left at Sansei-do book store.
and then, another big event coming this weekend.

Anyway, buttons with butterflies and flowers.
Hope they will be well-recieved this weekend....


Nearly the first new creation in a month, I think.

I am enjoying this new project.
So, I should push further whlist I am in the mood!

But to be honest, I got lots of things I must do, and shouldn't spend too much time on my little button project...

Tomorrow is Friday! Can't help thinking of weekend activities (or non-activities? doing nothing at home).

Chrystal Flower

p-菊2013Bit of rain would help plants grow.
Being honest, my garden requires more water than this morning's rain...
What missing should be subsidised by myself.

Aftermath of the rain, cool wind came into my room.
Still morning air is cool in June!
So, I thought this one is like morning air, clarity and coolness sealed in a small pendant.

Tomorrow is the day of Akagi marche.
It gonne be a hot day, but come and join us for lovely goods.


pt-20130519.jpgThere are several events around Kanto area this weekend.
Would love to visit one or more events, but unfortunately, I had to be indoor, working extremly hard.

and now... actually, I should not be writing blog like this, and suppose to be working hard again.

Little pendant with a small red flower.
I found it very pretty beyond my expectation.