Cover Photo

cover-book.jpgYesterday, I was informed that cover photo of my book is ready!
How exciting!

This vivid (to me) yellow is not my choice, but I think this may be good for a book going to be published in the last week of August.
Vitamin colour gives enery to people as well.

The book will be out on 27 August, another fortnight and a bit.
Thanks to the editor, this book looks good.
She should get credit for this as well - not just me.

Anyway, it is on its way to book shops.

almostblack2.jpgAnother exciting thing is in my garden.
Water lily flowered again this year!

In Spring, I cleared up and divided into smaller roots, which was necessary operation, but I was wondering whether I could see this year's bloom at all.

Glad it did!!

Different angle can be seen here.

Coloured Fabric

羽二重I have been thinking that dying fabric is too troublesome to do. So I never been so keen to do it.
But, at last, I tried.

Cut a long story short, it was fun.
The end results were good - maybe this is the biggest reason why I thought dying is interesting.

Now, I am more motivated to this sort of activity than before, and will try again.

Purple Wallet

w-haru201307.jpgDifferent activity from what I usually do.
My sister ordered me a wallet for her friend's birthday.
.... I decleared that I do NOT take order for wallets, though.

Anyway, family matter, could not say no to her.
So I worked and managed.

I love this outside fabric - linen with lovely purple colour.
Since I had no idea of the preference of her friend, I made it according to my preference.

Hope they does not mind it...

Stencil Dye

半襟A year or two ago, visited a place - a sort of craftmen's quarter - specialised for dyeing.
One of the places offers workshop of various dye methods, and I wanted to try. But it was too late to do anything, even to get into the building.

This time, by accident, I found workshop and managed to book a place for Japanese stencil dyeing.
It was fun, and I have decided to go and do it again if I got a chance!

Red and Birds

大宮201306Already in July.
Tonnes of things to be done, but I am not managing time well enough. Worse, I am wondering whether I can accommodate everything in time.

As a result, I woke up at 4 am worrying my flight, arrival date, and hotel in September and the data I need to collect by the end of this month.

Not good for my sanity. I must complete some of the tasks asap, and restore my "managable days".

Energetic red kanzashi from lessons.
Being a student is fun.