Bunch of Pinks

k-201401.jpgOnce regain the tranquility of my mind, things I want to make and to do popping up and float out.
I will indulge myself into creative activities for a while.

Cherry blossom and chrysanthemum's Kanzashi.
It's sweet in colours, but still keeps an air for elegant grown-up woman.

White Chrysanthemums

st-菊One afternoon, an order came with a beautiful picture of a girl in kimono.
It was for coming of age day.

It was such a lovely set of kimono and obi - the sash - that I really enjoyed planning and making kanzashi for her.
At the same time, I am very grateful that they asked me to involve in their important event.

All the best to her and her family.

Cherry Blossoms

k-sakura.jpgFinally back in Tokyo, and restart my ordinary days - I suppose.
Looking back my schedule, I thought it was close.
If my return to Japan was a day or 2 late, and if my departure to Osaka was a day late, then I had a lot of problems.
But, all's well that ends well.
Just I am very tired...

Anyway, here is a kanzasi with cherry and plum blossoms.
This actually was made for the book, but it was not on it...


753-201307.jpgOne wedding and a funeral.
Two of the significant events in life came up within a week.

Various events in life, or even in a year, came to have different impacts on me as I get older.

Oración - prayer in Spanish.
Healthy growth of children, prosperous future to a couple, and peaceful rest to the dead.

Hair accessory for three-year-old ceremony.
Cheerful and energetic like most of the kids.


k-金魚201307Since last night, I was worrying.
about what?
About an email I received nearly midnight.

But it turned out to be "good news" out of my colleagues' kindness.
This year, I realised how many people concerned about me, and thinking of me much much more than I expected.

How can I ever repay to their kindness?
I'm not sure... even how.
The only thing I can do is not to make them regret.

Anyway, I shall be at a bookstore in Jinbo-cyo from this Thursday to next Wednesday.
The days I will be there, and standing to welcome everyone are as follows:

12 (Fri) 14:00~18:00 approx.
14 (Sun) 10:00~15:00
15 (Mon) 10:00~14:50
16 (Tue) 15:30 approx.~20:00
17 (Wed) 15:00~18:00

Please come and find your favourite books as well as something pretty from our collection.