Cherry Blossoms

k-sakura.jpgFinally back in Tokyo, and restart my ordinary days - I suppose.
Looking back my schedule, I thought it was close.
If my return to Japan was a day or 2 late, and if my departure to Osaka was a day late, then I had a lot of problems.
But, all's well that ends well.
Just I am very tired...

Anyway, here is a kanzasi with cherry and plum blossoms.
This actually was made for the book, but it was not on it...


beautifull flowers

hi. Some time ago I bought two hair combs with flowers at the top floor of Tokyo hands in Shibuya. I love these combs so much. When cleaning out my appartment, i found the paperslipp with your blogg address on it. Your site inspire me to buy your instruction book from amazon - keep up you good work - regards Katrine from Norway

Re: beautifull flowers

many thanks to your message and purchase of my combs!
Very happy to know that they are in good hands and being loved!
Hope the book will help you create your own tsumami craft accessories! The book is in Japanese, but have quite a number of pictures to show the process.

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