class201308.jpgThe other day, went to tsumami lesson, where I am a student.

It is always wonderful to have something one can learn.
In addition, there is always interesting things going on there.
So, classes give me tsumami skills and life skills!

...Well, I got lots of homework to do by next session.

deme201308.jpgNot really important, but this one is my pet, a goldfish.
It does not have name yet, but I was told I should decided one for s/he. (someone please tell me how to differentiate she or he of goldfish?)

This one is lovely, but rather ... slow in various things.
It crash into the green, and it cannot find food, even it moves slowly...

But, I chose it and love it already.
It's very nice to see someone, apart from myself, moving in my home.


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