Cover Photo

cover-book.jpgYesterday, I was informed that cover photo of my book is ready!
How exciting!

This vivid (to me) yellow is not my choice, but I think this may be good for a book going to be published in the last week of August.
Vitamin colour gives enery to people as well.

The book will be out on 27 August, another fortnight and a bit.
Thanks to the editor, this book looks good.
She should get credit for this as well - not just me.

Anyway, it is on its way to book shops.

almostblack2.jpgAnother exciting thing is in my garden.
Water lily flowered again this year!

In Spring, I cleared up and divided into smaller roots, which was necessary operation, but I was wondering whether I could see this year's bloom at all.

Glad it did!!

Different angle can be seen here.


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