tdy-20130512-3.jpgAt Design Festa, one of my friends told me his schedule is unbelibably tight, and he was not aware of it until a few days ago.
I agreed to him that mine is as bad as his.

But somehow, I was not seeing the "reality" of it yet.

A day after Design Festa, my schedule came to me as "reality".
Don't know how to manage it .... or whether I actually handle this schedule.

But what was done is done. I will manage it.

First event comoing is at Kimono shop in Kamata.
Summer kimono and related goods are available there at:
Kimono Takigawa
10:30 - 19:00
Closed on Sundays
Nearest Station: Kamata

These chrysanthemums will be there for summer Kimono and for jeans.
Todaya's colour is powerful and vivid, so I believe they are suitable for summer use.


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