k-20140210.jpgOne day, it was snow that made me stay at home.
The following day, what made me stay at home was a cold.

Catching a cold is not a welcoming event, but this became my chance to root on my sofe and watch "Lewis" ... and fancy James Hatharway!!

Tricolour - not the flags, but the number of colours that are used for this flower.


k-20140202.jpgFinished watching "The Paradise".
It took me quite a while to reach the end, though.

Although I like the ending, the story seems to have very modern touch.
I want to check the original writing by Émile Zola.

A round shaped kanzashi with six cherry blossoms.
Outside is still white-ish and cold, but it's nice to be cheered up by gentle colour of sakura.


k-20140208.jpgNot having an event scheduled is a sad thing.
But, it means I have time to stay at home, and work on my new creations while I was watching something.

Something, that has arrived on the snowy day.

Thanks to good postmen.
They were woking even yesterday!!

P2082745.jpgThese piles are my joy.
I have been longing to watch them.

Chrysanthemum kanzashi, which I intend to make more with different colours.

They will be displayed at Café in Sagami-Ohno.


k-20140206.jpgJapanese weather forcast is amazingly accurate.
It's been said that today would be snow, despite the fact that yesterday was a very fine day.

and it did snow, and actually, is still snowing.

Tokyo became to have a look of ski resort, and clearing snow from my front porch is an usuless effort.

サザンカDue to this heavy snow, tomorrow's event has been cancelled.
It is my favourite event, and I am disappointed.

But at the same time, it is a bit of relief.
I have no confidence to carry my luggage to the station in deep snow.

Akagi Marché will be back in March!

Plum Petals

tdy-mc201331.jpgOn the way to work, I found plum blossos.
It's in someone's garden, but it is visible from street.

Some year, the flowers suddenly appear and surprise me, but other year, flowers increase gradually.
Either way, I enjoyed small white petals.

And here are my small patals, made of tenugui.


set-201401.jpgMy Feburary started happily, and I have full intention to enjoy it.
However, things do happen .

I have no idea why someone called "boss" can arrange a meeting without checking other people's (particularly those who need to do all the preparation) schedule??

Anyway,a pretty set for three-year-old cereblation.
Cute and charming!