Events in Feburary

event201401.jpgTime flies.
Already the last day of January.

Looking forward to Spring but at the sametime, looking back what's in my to-do list, I fear the speed of time passes.

9 Feburary (Sat)
Akagi Marché
10:00 - 17:00
@ Akagi Sharine (Kagurazaka)

My "usual" spot, and love the atmosphere there.
Sure to find lovely small things.

15 Feburary (Sat)
Taumami Lesson
10:30 - 13:30 and 15:00 - 18:00
@ Beez (Shibuya)

Either making hair accessory with Sakura and butterfulies, or making earrings.
Afternoon class is 2 seats left!

19 Feburary - 3 March
Silk Flower
11:00 - 21:00 (close on Tuesdays)
@ Naruco Café (Sagamiohno)

My tsumami craft will be displaied in a lovely café!
Waiting to see a new bunch of people in a new setting.

Other places where you can find my craft work are:

Café Momi @ Kodenma-cho (closed on Mondays)
Lovely café accomodated itself into a old Japanese style house.
Woth visiting to see inside of the house! and teas and sweets are fabulous, too.

Hands Gallery Market @ Shibuya Tokyu Hands

A box filled with collaboration work with my friends.
Not quite the same as my usual work, but still I enjoy working with them.

Cherry Blossoms

cm-201401-1.jpgToward the end of a FY, peopole are leaving for a new horizon.
One of the teams I am involved also have people leaving...
Sad, but it will be good for everyone's future.

A comb with Spring flowers.
At the beginning, I thought big-three are difficult colours to match with others, but they settled nicely.

Bunch of Pinks

k-201401.jpgOnce regain the tranquility of my mind, things I want to make and to do popping up and float out.
I will indulge myself into creative activities for a while.

Cherry blossom and chrysanthemum's Kanzashi.
It's sweet in colours, but still keeps an air for elegant grown-up woman.

Cherry Blossom

cm-201401sakura.jpgAt long last, weekend has come!
Today was the last of my hectic working days, and from next week, things are expected to calm down.

There are always "unexpected" and "beyond imagination" things to come, but still, let's look at the bright side of the situation!

Anyway, cherry blossom with violet colour petals.
Lovely conbination to indicate a touch of Spring!

Creamy flowers

cm-20131231.jpgIt's nice to have something to look forward.
Small but fun event.

As my holiday plan, made some appointment ... to go out!
Much needed and long waited holiday! Refreshment!!

Still have a week to go, but it is almost there!

Lovely yellowish flowers for comb.
Very grown-up-ish.

Blue Petals

mc-blue201401.jpgNearly the end of January.
I have been waiting for Feburary ever since January started.
I know it sounds strange.
But my job is toughest in January, and get easier in Feburary.

Today's tsumami is blue flowers.
My favourite colours, and relief after a hectic day.... really.

Preparing for next events, and planning of seasonal flowers to capture.

Duffo and Crane

cm-鶴水仙Happy New year!

...I know it's really late for new year's greeting.
I've already done one event.

2014, slightly slow start, but would like to have steady progress. Hopefully, do some new challenges.

At the beginning of the year, full of determination.

There combs can be found at Cafe Momi in Kodenmacho.