White Plums

cm-白梅201312The findal day of 2013.
This year was extremely busy year to me, and cannot believe I managed it.

First half of the year was for tsumami craft, and the latter half was for my work.
Both of them became more and more demanding, and I am thinking how to manage my time harder than ever.

It was amazing and wonderful thing happened to me.
True and sicere gratitudes to everybody who made me involved in their projects.

White plum blossoms for the new year.
Have lovely new year's eve.


ob-20131225.jpg2013, the last day but one.
Nothing really special is going on at my place.
Working and taking a nap, and eating.

I intend to do a bit more work tonight as I watch Poirot from my DVD collection.

Small winter flowers - camellias.
These are accessories for Kimono.
May beed more variety for this sort....


cm-20131225.jpgBefore I went to England, daffos are winter flower to me - flower in January.
But since my days in England, they became flowers of Spring, flowering around March. Easter is full of daffos.

Duffodils really cheer me up and make me feel Winter is over.
Hope these pair will bring light to someone, too.

Plum Branches

cm-20131225-1.jpgBack home from Kansai, and relaxed at home.
It was very good holiday, and much needed time away from various works.

Plum branches for new year decoration.
It's seasonal to me, and make only around this time of the year.
They are at Cafe Momi in Kodenma-cho.

Orange Cream

cl-20131207-1.jpgEnjoying brief holiday in Kansai.
Doing nothing is really precious.
Meeting friends, and having good chat and food.

Soft coloured chrysanthemum for multiple use - this type seems to be popular. Might be because of the flower volume?
Size may matter, after all!

Cornus Floridas

bl-20131209.jpgThere are so many want-to-do and need-to-do.
Balancing these two is important, I know.
The reality, however, isn't that easy....

Anyway, it's Christmas eve, and my first Christmas do tonight!
I used to have lots in England, but not in Japan.

Cornus Floridas on a hair clip.
I like this flower which came to Japan as a symbole of friendship between the US and Japan.

Yokohama Red Brick Day 2

photo(97).jpgThis years events completed, and I am grateful to those who supported me all the way through.

The final day at Red Brick ended with great pleasure.
There are people who kindly bought my book came and gave me some comments.
It is a rare opportunity for me to meet someone like this!
Besides, I never acutually "met" some who has my book.

It was real big "Wow" to me.
Thanks a lot!

Yokohama Red Brick

photo(95).jpgEnjoyed the day 1 at Yokohama red bric warehouses.
My gratitudes to those who showed interest to my work!

Outside of the buildings, Christmas market in German style is held and beer and glue wine looking really good.

I was inside of the building, nicely air conditioned, and a chair to sit. Really confortable working environment.

The markets continue inside and outside of the red brick warehouses, and I will be there today, too.

Moment of the beauty

km-20131129.jpgAnother picture of coming-of-age day!

These kanzashi were worn with deep purple Kimono with fabulous petterns on it.

I love this hair style, which is somehow eye-catching to me.
Maybe because this made me feel classic and modern at the same time.

Lovely to see how the Kanzashi I made are actually used!

Silk and Pearls

cl-20131207.jpgReally holible week I spent for the first week of December.
I barely had time for myself, and kept working wholeday.
At night, it was very difficult to stay awake for 2 hours after dinner...

Anyway, this is NORMAL December days.
and it last only week and a bit.
It means this week, I will have better days... I hope.

Clips for shawls.
The middle of the flowers are fresh water pearls.