the moment of

km-20131124.jpgThe moment of excitiment, and gratitude... and possibly relief.

I recieved photos of the Kanzashi I made for coming-of-age day in full cordination.
It seems Kanzashi is fit into its place, and has harmony with others. What a relief!

Although Kanzashi was made with all possible consideration I can give, there are always anxiaty left in me.

My gratitudes to sending me the photos, and allowing me to introduce one of them.

Handmade Market

event20131124.jpgI thought I was renewing this blog nearly everyday, but that seems to be only in my imagination...

Handmade market in Chuo-rinkan finished with fun and a bit of excitment.
It was warm and clam all day, which made me feel too warm for this time of the year.

Many thanks to those who came to visit and purchased my craft, as well as to staff of the event.

Next event will be Akagi marche in December.

Plum Petals

bt-20131114x.jpgI saw some Philippinos gathering and standing behind a stall.
One of them found me and waving at me.
It was someone I know!

They were selling some snacks of Philippeno specialities for fundrasing for typhoon victims.
I bought a packet of corn snack to contribute wee bit.

Hair clips with plum petal and swarovski stones.
Charming and useful for both daily and special occasions.

Crystal Flowers

pt-20131114.jpgA new opus finally came out.
I tried several versions, and have settled to this.
It's gorgeous, but can be used both ordinally office day, and special evening or weekend!

Planning to make some more of this sort within a few weeks.

Pink and Shiny

bt-20131114.jpgAnother Thursday, and a week is almost done.
Really horrible.
I still have lots to do....

In order to escape from reality blocking my way, I made this.
Slightly sweet and quite shiny hair accessory.
I am happy with the result.

Little flowers

pin-20131113.jpgWednesdays used to be my favourite day because less work to do. But now, it is the harderst day of the week.
Partly because of Wednesdays, a week flies.

Tonnes of work, I should be grateful.
At least, people think I am capable... (truth remainds unproved yet!)

There are some things on their way, but here are small flowers made for quick satisfaction of mine.

White Chrysanthemums

st-菊One afternoon, an order came with a beautiful picture of a girl in kimono.
It was for coming of age day.

It was such a lovely set of kimono and obi - the sash - that I really enjoyed planning and making kanzashi for her.
At the same time, I am very grateful that they asked me to involve in their important event.

All the best to her and her family.

mc-福梅After shower in the afternoon, the temperature suddenly dropped, and strong wind brew.On the way home (by bike!!), it was chilly, and I realized that Winter has come.

Plum flowers in autumn colour.
I somehow like the yellow and green one better at the moment.

Butterfly and flowers

桜Gray sky and strong wind - not a lovely weather, but I enjoy this very autumn weather today.
I am at home, sitting on my sofa, and sipping a nice cup of tea. Why should I care about outside world??

Still got lots of work to do, but I can tackle them quite happily.

Cherry blossom and butterfly comb.
It's small, so can be used for various occasions.

The Market and Petit Lesson

event-lesson.jpg3 day event, the Market ended happily.
It was lovely meeting wonderful people again, and seeing their pretty products.

In addition, today's petit lesson was with one of my friends.
So, we both made a pair of earrings while we were chatting.
Nice way to spend Saturday afternoon.

My grattitudes to those who visited and purchased, and friends worked together for this event.

The Market

event20131107.jpgThe Market Vol.5 starts today at 11:00.
Gallery Anne is a bit far from Nishi-ogikubo station, but a cute and cozy place to visit.
Besides, there are lots of pretty things have been gathered there!

On 9th, there is Tsumami craft lesson scheduled to make earrings.
If you are intrested, do come and join us!

9 November (11:00 - 13:00)
Beginner's tsumami craft
fee: 3500 yen
reservation recommended ( -=@)

Busy November

lesson201310.jpgNovember is packed with events, particularly for this first one week and a bit.
I've done 3 events already, and other ones are coming soon. Tomorrow is the preparation day for the event commence on 7th in Nishi-ogikubo.

The pciture is what I made in a lesson.
I got lots of homrwork to do before December comes...