String of flowers

st-201310.jpgDuring the day, it is still hot, but nice and cool in the evening and morning!
My "tea life" is back.
In August, it was too hot to have nice cups of tea, and I gave up this custom.

But now, thanks to the trip to my sisters who gave me excess tea bags at hers, and to England (F&M's - the only shop open when I saw in London around 8 pm), I have lovely teas now! and enjoying them.

Small accessories for keys and cell phones.
Had no intention of making these again, but someone used my book as shopping catalogue...

The Pinkies

ho-201310.jpgLittle by little, began to make flowers.
Partly because I need to create somthing for the coming event, and partly because I want to prepare for November.

As a start, hairpins - pink ones.
In the box I keep hair pins, there are only blues and greens
Bright and light colours may be necessary!