hp-20131028.jpgToughest day of the week - Wednesday.
I need to be two places one at a time (quite normal), but these places are about 90mins away from one another.
.... far.

Anyway, once I finish everyhing on Wednesday, what await me is weekend!
Looking forward to it.

Another hairpins.
Want to make more structured ones...

Flower Pins

hp-20131028-2.jpgNew project at my work...
I have no idea why I should be the team leader of this project.
To be honest, the project is the kind I like, but I don't like the number of the members. Simply too many.
It will be very difficult to have consensus, or even just agreement.

But if boss said I am the leader, I have to be.

Will I have time for tsumami craft??

Hair pins with lovely pinkish colours.
Nice for autumn ... or toward Christmas??


er-20131024.jpgAnother typhoon approaching to Japan, and I am travelling again.

When I uploaded schedule yesterday, I wasn't aware that this blog was not updated for a week!
One week passed already...
Time really flies.

Anyway, here is a pair of juicy grape coloured earrings with shining swarovski.

Events in November

event201307-1.jpgNovember is almost there.... already?!
But, at last, the air became like real Autumn.

November is a busy month and concentrated in one week...

3 November (Sun)
Akagi Marche
@ Akagi Shraine, Kagurazaka
10:00 - 17:00
Nearest Station: Kagurazaka

My favourite craft market as always.
Hope the weather will be nice!

4 November(Mon)
Sagami Ono Art Festa
@Sagami Ono
11:00 - 16:00
Nearest Station: Sagami Ono

I've heard of it, but firt time to join this market.
Looking forward to the new location, and hoping to have lovely experiences.

7 - 9 November
the Market
@Gallery Anne, Nishiogikubo
11:00 - 18:00 (Saturday - 17:00)
Nearest Station: Nighiogikubo

Second time here, and third time with the crowd.
I always learn a lot from this event, and enjoy it.

9 November (Sat)
Tsumami Petit Lesson
11:00 - 13:00
@ Gallery Anne, Nishiogikubo
3500 yen

Making flower earrings with tsumami craft.
They will be pretty on both Western and Japanese garmet.
If you are interested, please book a seat!

16 November (Sat)
Tsumami Lessons
10:00 - 13:00
@Cafe Momi
Nearest Station: Kodenmacho

15:00 -18:00
@Fuga Style Cafe
Nearest Station: Iidabashi, Ushigome Kagurazaka

Kanzashi with camellia and crane: 16500yen for 3 lessons
flower earrings: 3500yen for 1 lesson
Comb with chrysanthemum: 11000yen for 2 lessons

If you are interested, please contact me via message box at the righthand side, or send me email to: tsumami.fukusaya* (* = @)

24 November (Sun)
Tezukuri Marche
10:00 - 16:00
Nearest Station: Chuorinkan

Another first time experience.
I hear good repuation on this market, so I am looking forward to it!


photobook.jpgOne of my friends told me that she "published" a photo book of her works.
It was good size, and lovely.
People at hers were impressed.

Now, we all have our own photo books!
I got one, too!

Friends are really precious, we share information, support each other, and help developing our skills.

Cherry Blossoms

tdy20131008-3.jpgAnother cherry blossoms.
Small Kanzashi for various occasions.
I quite like this size and colour.

Tomorrow is Akagi Marche.
I am looking forward to be there, and meet cute goods and nice people.
It's always nice to see friendly faces and enjoy lively and lovely chat with them.


tdy-20131008.jpgThis weekend is Akagi Marche!
It seems it's been a while since I went there last because I missed the one in September.
Hope the weather is nice - not too strong wind, too hot or rain...

Bellflower comb.
I didn't know bellflowers are East Asia natives, but it is true that bellflowers are important and loved in Japan.

Cherry Blossoms Autumn ver.

tdy20131008-2.jpgCherry blossoms in Autumn, and the colour is Autumn taste.
I thought we can have cherry blossoms in different colours as this flower is accepted as "pattern through the year".

The Japanese are fussy about seasonal flowers, and we should not wear/use out-of-season flowers with Kimono, but Cherry blossom is national flower so can be used in any season.

It's a small Kanzashi which can be used for various hair styles.

Autumn flowers

tdy20131008-1.jpgI started pylori.
No, no, no.
I started elimination of pylori.
7days, twice a day, no alcoholic drinks.


I will do it. I can do it!!

Autumn flower casual version.
Small one point on your hair.


tdy-20131009.jpgThis comb came out with "grown-up-ish" tast after recovering from my mistake.
Considering these two combs I created after my "mistake", I think that was a good mistake after all.

Small and good for casual use, but still elegant.
I love the colours!

Other my favourite colours are on their way, though:)


tdy-20131009-1.jpgMaking quite a few flowers today, and completing some.
Despite the fact that I made a mistake in the way folding petals, amanged to make a comb.

These are the colours I feel Autumn, and happy with them.
I think I have recovered and motivated to actively work on new flowers!

Will bring "new borns" to this weekend's Akagi Marche!

Plum flowers

cm-201310.jpgAutumn rain, I quite like it.
Particularly when I don't need to go out ;)

If I am correct, I can have a day like that tomorrow.
Staying at home whole day, and ... errr, actually working.
But still it will be a nice weekdend.

Small comb for casual and for party use.
Would be nice to use it with other hair accessaries.

String of flowers

st-201310.jpgDuring the day, it is still hot, but nice and cool in the evening and morning!
My "tea life" is back.
In August, it was too hot to have nice cups of tea, and I gave up this custom.

But now, thanks to the trip to my sisters who gave me excess tea bags at hers, and to England (F&M's - the only shop open when I saw in London around 8 pm), I have lovely teas now! and enjoying them.

Small accessories for keys and cell phones.
Had no intention of making these again, but someone used my book as shopping catalogue...

The Pinkies

ho-201310.jpgLittle by little, began to make flowers.
Partly because I need to create somthing for the coming event, and partly because I want to prepare for November.

As a start, hairpins - pink ones.
In the box I keep hair pins, there are only blues and greens
Bright and light colours may be necessary!

Red Petals

mc-小梅201310My schedule is really tight, but two more appointments came in.
They are things I know I will enjoy, and happy to accommodate in my schedule!
Looking forward to the day, and tackling necessary arrangements.

Red patels.
They were already in the shape of flowers before I leave Japan.
At long last, they became 'proper' form ... actually, 'nearly proper'.
I'm afraid I forgot to add leaves :(

Pink Plum Blossom

mc-201309.jpgEveryday, I am working hard.
Harder than ever.
But somehow, my work load does not decrease.
How come?!

I hope things will calm down and I can be at home earlier...

Anyway, this pink plum blossom was made for the book, but the stylist decided not to include it.