Sugar Pink

er-201309.jpgI thought Autumn is coming and the air is getting cooler.
But it seems to be a mistake.
It was raining, hot and humid today.
It was like summer... and it's already nearly the end of September.

I am not particularly fond of cold wather, but still, a bit of cool air is welcome.

A pair of earring.
I like this pink, which made me think of sugar coated rose patels.

Pink Petals

er-201309-1.jpgStill very sleepy and tired.
Takes ages to get recovered....

Anyway, it was a sort of requirement to make earrings as my stock get reduced.
But making this small pieces is rather challanging if you are not in a good condition.
So I left it til now.

This beautiful deep pink is unusual colour for tenugui according to Todaya.
Happy to get this unusual, but a beautiful colour!

Tsumami Lessons: October - December

kaguramura.jpgComing-of-age Day is one of the impartant days for the Japanese.
Parents, particularly mothers I believe, prepare for this day in well advance.
So, some of the girls already took their photos in their special garmet, and ready for the day.

This Kanzashi is for such a special day.
Camellias and cranes which are considered to be a simbole of good fotrune (or luck).

3 sessons to complete this kanzashi, starting from October.

19 October (Sat), 16 November (Sat) and 15 December (Sun)

10:00 - 13:00
Cafe Momi
The nearest station: Kodenmacho
Lesson fee: 5500 yen x 3 sessions
Max number: 6 people

Traial session: earrings 3500 yen
Free Style: 6500 yen/session (you can make whatever you wish)

Tsumami Lesson: September

lesson201309.jpg1 session in the morning, and 1 session in the afternoon.
Two very different set of people are in my class, which was a good fun to me.

These combs are the end results of people's efforts for two months.
Each one has character.

Next month, we will tackle kanzashi for the occasion.

I am much obliged to those who at Cafe Momi and Fuga Style Cafe, and my thanks to those who attended the lessons.
Also to whom took my falts very kindly, I appriciate your patience and generosity.

Trip to Europe

france201309.jpgLooking back my a-bit-less-than-2-week trip to France and England.
...or explaning/making excuses of my nearly 2 weeks absence?
Either way, here are the pictures.

It was really good fun and I enjoyed a lot.
First set of pictures were taken in France - Paris, Bordeaux, Arcachon and St Emilion.

peak201309.jpgFrom Bordeaux, I flew to Birhimgham, and proceeded to Stoke-on-Trent that is famous for pottery like Wedgewood.

From Stoke, I went to White Peak area, to be precise, Upper Hulme.

It was lovely to be back in the Peak, and walk around the hills, sometimes, struggling against gusty winds.
Very England, and very nice.

After a long walk, there should be a superb pint.
I did have one - actually two local ale.

Cherry Blossoms

k-sakura.jpgFinally back in Tokyo, and restart my ordinary days - I suppose.
Looking back my schedule, I thought it was close.
If my return to Japan was a day or 2 late, and if my departure to Osaka was a day late, then I had a lot of problems.
But, all's well that ends well.
Just I am very tired...

Anyway, here is a kanzasi with cherry and plum blossoms.
This actually was made for the book, but it was not on it...


tdy-コスモス20130901-1Day 2 in Japan.
Too hot, and very tired.
Or maybe, very tired because it is too hot.

Anyway, I still have some business to attend and need to pull myself together to tackle them.

This comb with deep pink cosmoses, which is for autumn garmet.
I saw lovely cosmoses in Bordeaux, but haven't seen them in Japan yet.
Have they already bloomed in Japan as well??


pini-鶴20130901Back in Japan at 5:00 this morning.
It is nice to be home, but sad to be in Japan.
I enjoyed autumn in Europe, and catching up with my friends.
Nice to see good old faces.

Anyway, am heading to work, and long day ahead of me.
There are emails to be sent, and tasks to be done.

This crane was requested at Todaya.
Can be used on suits to demonstrate what tenugui can do.


tdy-コスモス20130901These flowers are made of the fabric Todaya gave me as gift. The colours are very lovely,and lots of them were in the package.
These shades of pink really cheered me up, and wanted to make more flowers with them.

But, time is up.
I am off!!
and gone!!

Will be back in good time, till them, bye for now!

DearFriends: Petit Lesson

福清体験I am going to go to an event in November.
This might be a bit too early to give notice, but still.

9 November (Sat)
11:00 - 13:00
@ Gallery Anne (Nishi-ogikubo)

Lesson fee: 3500 yen
4 people max.
Let's make small flowers' earrings suitable for coming festive season!

If you are interested, please contact me via message box at the right hand side, or via email: tsumami.fukusaya* (*=@)

Also, lessons in September at Fuga Style Cafe (1~2 person) and at Cafe Momi (3 people) are available to interested parties.

Autumn Red

tdy-pin20130830.jpgWhen I went to thank their support to my book, I got gifts from Todaya, the tenugui maker.
That's: these beautifully coloured tenugui!!
Just love this colour!

It's like suddenly Autumn came to my room with brillian colour.

These are pins, so that they can be used as men's accessory.

During the lesson at Fuga Style Cafe, we were chatting about the display of Amazon.

We thought book's cover appears automatically on the Amazon page, but seems it wasn't the case?
Or it is?
Anyway, I found the cover pictures has been on!