pt-cameria20130426.jpgToday was my big day - event wise.
I was planning to do serious health check this summer.
So spent quite lot of money, and did it!

The result was - unbelievably good.
The doctor asked me "you don't drink much, do you?" (the answer is YES, I do drink quite a bit)
"and sweets?" (the answer is, of course I LOVE them)

So, I think I can drink and eat my favourites: alcholic drinks, crisps, and sweets! hooray! :)

Anyway, pendant of camellia.
Would be nice of Autumn garmet.

Event in September

event20130729.jpgMy holiday is getting closer :)
I am really looking forward to get out this country.

Mind you, I love Japan, but sometimes, I just cannot stand certain things.
and I know some people think I am weird.
I am OK with it.

So, in September:

Tsumami Lesson
21 September (Sat)
15:00 - 18:00
@ Fuga Style Cafe
Stateion near by: Iidabashi, Ushigome Kagurazaka

A touch of Autumn

er-poranges.jpgI think I am becoming a liar year after year because I cannot keep promise nowadays.
There are so many overdues issues on my plates...
To me, this is serious.

But today, I managed to submit one task with nearly 2 days delay. Feeling a bit better, but at the same time feeling guilty.

Other thing due today was bang on time, and it was not my efforts - other people's.
My book is out, and on the shelves of book shops.
Can find it on Amazon as well.

Anyway, there is a pair of earrings with a touch of autumn feeling.

Pink with Elegance

cm-20130822.jpgHarry Potter on TV for 2 weeks in a raw - and I believe it continues for another week or two.
This week, the Order of Phoenix.

But I was forgotten about it completely! My sister reminded me. What a good person she is!

Another peony in pink.
It's pink, but grown-up-ish pink, suitable for elegant ladies.

I love this flower and enjoy making it.

Coral Pink

er-ca20130820.jpgOne of the significant events in Summer is highschool baseball championship.
Yes, it is, indeed!
Champion from each prefecture gather at Koshien in Kobe, and do their best.

This Summer, my prefecture is in the final!
Small in population, country-side, nothing fansy, i.e., very difficult to go up the league really.

Good luck to the boys playing tomorrow's final!

Anyway, a pair of earring with pale pink drops.
Fairly big in size, so it will give an impression and character to the wearer.


cm-peony.jpgYesterday was good day for my work - progressed satisfactory.
This may be thanks to exercise I did during the weekend, and I am feeling better.
But, this should have been in last week!

Anyway, here are one of my work results of this weekend.
Gorgeous peony and a bunch of flowers.
I've been wanting to make it, but had a bit of concern with material I usually use.
Quite happy with the outcome, but found lots to be considered.


pt-cameria20130426-3.jpgIt was a lovely evening with interesting people at Shibuya.
Supposed to be a gathering with newly weds, but as I thought, it turned out to be a another rather "business oriented" meeting led by the one from 2 weeks ago.

My surprise there is always the length of time they spend chatting (or discussing?).
Last nithgt, we started around 18:30 and ended 23:30.

But happy to be there, enjoy listening and learning from what they say.

Orange camellia with beautiful drop glass bead.
Lovely decoration for Autumn.

Jewel Red

er-red201308.jpgAnother sleepy day...
I don't know why I am so sleepy whole day, and mind you I don't have room to sleep til my heart content!

But I fell asleep....

Anyway, a pair of pierce earring.... without fittings.
I like these red crystal art parts.

... I am wondering where my fittings are.
Need to find out...

Butterfly and flowers

hp-20130512-5.jpgThanks to the rain last night, it was better weather regarding the temperature and air - a bit cooler.

So it was a better day for cycling to work.
I rather enjoy this "hardship" or "exercise".
Hope tomorrow will be another good day for cycling.

Last bunch of pins, for the moment.
I am afraid there may be the needs of further production of this sort.


bt-201307.jpgIt was really raining cats and dogs in the evening, and an additional effect of lightnings.
I waited til the rain stopped, and it was a good decision, but I didn't foresee the damages lightnings could pose.
Trains were stopped...

Anyway, buttons today.
I made quite a bit of them, but still there are lots to be finalised.

Not washable, but have room to play with.

Summer Flowers

er-201308.jpgThe fabric I dyed the other day finally being shaped.
I haven't decided which parts should come with this pair yet .... should it be pierce earring or just earring?

The pink drops are handy work of Atelier Freedom, one of the member of f3.

I am enjoying new challenges with fabirc dye and creation with new texture!


class201308.jpgThe other day, went to tsumami lesson, where I am a student.

It is always wonderful to have something one can learn.
In addition, there is always interesting things going on there.
So, classes give me tsumami skills and life skills!

...Well, I got lots of homework to do by next session.

deme201308.jpgNot really important, but this one is my pet, a goldfish.
It does not have name yet, but I was told I should decided one for s/he. (someone please tell me how to differentiate she or he of goldfish?)

This one is lovely, but rather ... slow in various things.
It crash into the green, and it cannot find food, even it moves slowly...

But, I chose it and love it already.
It's very nice to see someone, apart from myself, moving in my home.

Cover Photo

cover-book.jpgYesterday, I was informed that cover photo of my book is ready!
How exciting!

This vivid (to me) yellow is not my choice, but I think this may be good for a book going to be published in the last week of August.
Vitamin colour gives enery to people as well.

The book will be out on 27 August, another fortnight and a bit.
Thanks to the editor, this book looks good.
She should get credit for this as well - not just me.

Anyway, it is on its way to book shops.

almostblack2.jpgAnother exciting thing is in my garden.
Water lily flowered again this year!

In Spring, I cleared up and divided into smaller roots, which was necessary operation, but I was wondering whether I could see this year's bloom at all.

Glad it did!!

Different angle can be seen here.


cl-sakura20130430-1.jpgNearly a month prior to the event, but it was almost the last minutes resevarion of my accommodation....
I should have known the mechanism of credit card payment better, so that I wouldn't have to go through this hussle!

Anyway, all the job done, except for one....
A lesson learned: holiday in developed countries cost a lot.

Cherry blossom in Summer?
Yeah, it is Japanese national flower, so used whole through the year for Kimono pattern. It means, the Japanese can use cherry blossoms any time of the year! (Justified!!)


hp-20130512-7.jpgWent to work by bike.
It's good 30 mins (used to be 40 mins, but I cut my record!), and I think it is good exercise.

But there was unfortunate incident on the way home. Someone crushe into my bike at the pedestrian's crossing!!
...Lucky that none of us was hurt.
My first ever accident... not happy.

Anyway, here is today's photo.
Lots of pins.
I am preparing for new things, so please wait for a while for more interesting ones.

Coloured Fabric

羽二重I have been thinking that dying fabric is too troublesome to do. So I never been so keen to do it.
But, at last, I tried.

Cut a long story short, it was fun.
The end results were good - maybe this is the biggest reason why I thought dying is interesting.

Now, I am more motivated to this sort of activity than before, and will try again.

Akagi Marche

akagi201308.jpgit wa shot, but not too hot, and hence, relatively a good day for outdoor event today.
It's always wonderful to see some people coming back to see what I made in the past few months.
and really appriciate that they took time to visit my stole!

Many thanks to everybody visited the marche today, and the marche staff.
See you in Autumn.

..."Twenty-four eyes" on TV tonight.
It is a remake of what I know, but this film makes me cry even more than before...


tdy-20130803.jpgBusy afternoon at two places.
One of them was a job, but job to eat at a party!
It was a sort of reuion, and met people from the "past".
Hopefully, we can meet more often with cheerful occasions.

The flower of today is clematis.
One of my favourites, and made from a bicolour tenugui.
Sharp and cool - which is good for hot summer days.
Due to the colour, I thought they may be better on light colour garmet than on black hair of the Japanese (well, there are many non-black hair Japanese nowadays, though).

At the party, I got a bunch of flower, which includes a branch of lily!
So I can be soaked into the fregrance of lily again!!
Very happy!


hp-20130512-6.jpgTidy up never been my favourite activity, although I know it is something one needs to do.
After several years in my room and office, I start feeling the needs of it.

I tackled at home, and it is still on its way.
At office, it took me 2 days to clear documents on the desks.

This activity takes ages!!

I want to leave everything to someone's hand, and to fly away like butterfly.
But, must be done have to be done.
I will continue it in September.... ;)