Purple Wallet

w-haru201307.jpgDifferent activity from what I usually do.
My sister ordered me a wallet for her friend's birthday.
.... I decleared that I do NOT take order for wallets, though.

Anyway, family matter, could not say no to her.
So I worked and managed.

I love this outside fabric - linen with lovely purple colour.
Since I had no idea of the preference of her friend, I made it according to my preference.

Hope they does not mind it...


753-201307.jpgOne wedding and a funeral.
Two of the significant events in life came up within a week.

Various events in life, or even in a year, came to have different impacts on me as I get older.

Oración - prayer in Spanish.
Healthy growth of children, prosperous future to a couple, and peaceful rest to the dead.

Hair accessory for three-year-old ceremony.
Cheerful and energetic like most of the kids.

Blue in blue

20130729.jpgIt's been a while since I made accessories for myself.
This time, since I received surprising email notice informing to book a date for wedding, I have decided to make a set.

So the day of Wedding ceremony, I was in China Blouses bought 20 years ago, Lao silk skirt, a Summer bag from Rwanda, a pair of elegant sandals from a shop in Ginza, and spare sandal from Mexico (walking around with that elegant sandals for long? No way!! I can't )

Final bits are accessories.
All of them are coordinated, and full of my favourite colours.
Hair accessory? Here it is.

Events in August

event201307.jpgNearly the end of the month.
Time really flies.
I have a feeling that as I got older, a year get shorter.
How does this happen??

4 August (Sun)
Akagi Marche
10:00 - 18:00
@ Akagi Sharine

Quite certainly, deadly heat attacks me.
So as a visitor, please choose late afternoon to visit the marche.

31 August (Sat)
Tsumami Lesson (Aug/Sep)
15:00 - 18:00
@ Fuga Style Cafe
Max 8 people

This lesson is aiming to make a chrysanthemum comb in 2 lessons, August and September.
August is fully booked. If there is a room, September lesson takes late starters.


tdy-20130726.jpgYesterday, I was really down.
Today, however, was very cheering and supporting thanks to the atmosphere created by my colleagues.
It's a small and silly project, but this can be fun and probably promote what we are aiming at. I am deeply touched that they spared their precious time for my proposal and very willingly offered their hands to me.
It was good surprise to me.

This dahlia is made of tenugui, cotton towell.
very summer-ish, and good for Yukata - summer casual kimono, and jeans.

Plum blossoms

cm-20130725.jpgTwo combs with butterfly and small flowers.
They are good size for various occasions.
Not too big, not too small.

In case of parties, it may be good to use with other small pins to add volumes.
So you can enjoy different impressions by changing additional accessories.


tdy-20130724.jpgHad a good evening with funny people - one quite job just after 3 month he took it, and the other with no job.
They are good laugh, though.

Hope their future turns out well and as bright as this clematis...
Probably, they need to make lots of efforts from where they are to where they want to be.

But onsidering the efforts need to be made, I am in the same position, or most people are.

Butterfly and plum blossom

mc-201307.jpgI was wondering why today is not Sunday...
Handmade festa was fun, but it was really hard work to stay at the venue between 9:30 and 20:00.

Although I am feeling like taking a good rest, I must keep going on - another work tobe done, and other things to be created.

Probaly on Wednesday, I will take a bit of rest - just enough to go on for another 6 weeks.

Lovely pink plum blossom and butterfly. Cute with summer dresses.


event20130721.jpg2-day-event at Tokyo Big Sight closed with certain amount of satisfaction and fatigue.

I realised several people remember me from past events and passing conversation at elsewhere, which surprised me and made me think the time I spend in this world.

and Today, I believe, I made a wonderful new aquaintance.
I hope we can stay in touch.

My gratitudes to those who come and visit our table, and those who supported me.
There is no photo of the place today because I forgot several important items at home - and one of which was my iPod. Really useless of me.

So instead, gifts I received today. BB drink is most probably the things I need best right now.
Well-thought gift indeed!!

Handmade in Japan Festa

hmj2.jpgHandmade in Japan Festa started this morning, and I managed to get there with sufficient preparation.

I was worrying so much about this event, but, once it started, it's quite a fun.
I met those who I haven't seen for a while, and did catching-up. It's really happy to have people to catch-up at events, which I wouldn't imagine before.

Tomorro is the last day of Handmade Festa.
If you are interested, please come and visit us!


hp-20130512.jpgThe event at Sansei-do finished and I renewed my "love" to book shops.
I'd love to spend more time browsing various books, and skim read some pages...., which I haven't done for ages.

But before I do that, I need to prepare for this weekend.
There is a big event at Tokyo Big Sight, and I should be ready for it.

Mean time, hair pins.
I thought I had many enough to go by, but seems I need to work on them further.
Good thing, I believe.


bt-201307-2.jpgIt was rather cool night compared to the night before.
Probably, that's one of the reasons why I slept nearly 10 hours...

The other reasons - heat and this week's routine - are very good reasons to lead me to that much of sleep, though.

Another few days left at Sansei-do book store.
and then, another big event coming this weekend.

Anyway, buttons with butterflies and flowers.
Hope they will be well-recieved this weekend....

Sansei-do Day2

sanseido201307-1.jpgMy Day 2 @Sansei-do started from around 14:15.
When I arrived there, there was a customer - a guy chattering with my colleague.

After my colleague left, I hardly had time to sit down.
Let alone doing some preparation.

There are people after people, and out stall is so long for me to look after by myself, so I couldn't see what people at the other side were doing.

Quiet? Lots of room for own work??
Says who???

But this is a good surprise, I assure you.
If you have chance to come the direction of Jnbo-cho, do visit us!


sanseido201307.jpgEvent at Sansei-do book store started on Tursday.
The opening day was quiet and sleepy (beause of the preparation by the day).

So I was feeling "good bookshop feeling" - quiet, slow and happy.
and that was what I heared from other two.
"It's mostly quiet, so relax and bring some work!"

So I shall be waiting people to visit us, and meantime, do some preparation for the next weekend.

...That's what I thought on the Day 1 @ Sansei-do.


k-金魚201307Since last night, I was worrying.
about what?
About an email I received nearly midnight.

But it turned out to be "good news" out of my colleagues' kindness.
This year, I realised how many people concerned about me, and thinking of me much much more than I expected.

How can I ever repay to their kindness?
I'm not sure... even how.
The only thing I can do is not to make them regret.

Anyway, I shall be at a bookstore in Jinbo-cyo from this Thursday to next Wednesday.
The days I will be there, and standing to welcome everyone are as follows:

12 (Fri) 14:00~18:00 approx.
14 (Sun) 10:00~15:00
15 (Mon) 10:00~14:50
16 (Tue) 15:30 approx.~20:00
17 (Wed) 15:00~18:00

Please come and find your favourite books as well as something pretty from our collection.

Stencil Dye

半襟A year or two ago, visited a place - a sort of craftmen's quarter - specialised for dyeing.
One of the places offers workshop of various dye methods, and I wanted to try. But it was too late to do anything, even to get into the building.

This time, by accident, I found workshop and managed to book a place for Japanese stencil dyeing.
It was fun, and I have decided to go and do it again if I got a chance!

Tsumami Lesson @ Fuga Style Cafe

lesson風雅201308It was muggy day today...
"The Summer" is almost there.

Hot August and September, tsumami lesson will be autumn flowers - chrysanthemums.
I couldn't chose autumn colours, way too hot for that!!

Dates: 31 August (Sat) and 13 September (Sat)
Venue: Fuga Style Cafe

Lesson fees:
earrings: 3500 yen
Comb: 11000 yen (5500 yen x 2)

Reservation required.
If you are interested, please contact me via email or message box at the right-hand colum.
email: tsumami.fukusaya*gmail.com (* = @)


Nearly the first new creation in a month, I think.

I am enjoying this new project.
So, I should push further whlist I am in the mood!

But to be honest, I got lots of things I must do, and shouldn't spend too much time on my little button project...

Tomorrow is Friday! Can't help thinking of weekend activities (or non-activities? doing nothing at home).

Two tones

tdy-20130611-3.jpgThere are several things I intended to do, but couldn't manage to do.
One of these things is making buttons.
I used to make them, but as I got busy I left these out from my to-do list.

But today, I finally tackled this.
It requires lots of preparation...
Shall make efforts to complete what I started today.

Different colour schemes in one Kanzashi.
It's not my style, but suggested by someone passing-by. Gave a thought to it, but and executed!


f3-20130611.jpgAfter work, went to look for boxes to fit into my new shelf, and possibly a cabinet for kitchen.
I've been checking IKEA online catalogue for sometimes, but as usual, I reached to the conclusion that I MUST go to IKEA myself to decide.

Thnking of my life in this place, it took me over 5 years to reconsider options and to rearrange rooms for better

I know it's too slow, but that's me.

hmjf.jpgBy the way, Handmade in Japan Festa sent us booth number at last.
We will be on B-180 and 181.
It seems the main brand name will be "f3", not Fukusaya.
But I will bring fukusaya staff as well.

Now I amsufficiently fit to think about future events, and things I need to do.
Will be myself very soon, I hope.

Red and Birds

大宮201306Already in July.
Tonnes of things to be done, but I am not managing time well enough. Worse, I am wondering whether I can accommodate everything in time.

As a result, I woke up at 4 am worrying my flight, arrival date, and hotel in September and the data I need to collect by the end of this month.

Not good for my sanity. I must complete some of the tasks asap, and restore my "managable days".

Energetic red kanzashi from lessons.
Being a student is fun.