246 common

246-20130630.jpgLovely afternoon at 246 common, Omotesando.
Relatively quiet and calm time past, and fair numbers of customers stopped by.

Not too busy, not too idle.
Good balance for peaceful Sunday afternoon.

There are quite a few people interested in my work, and happy to be recognized.
Hope I will have another opportunity to be there in the very near future.

Thanks a lot to all the people I met today, and to those who gave me the opportunity to be at 246 common today.


hp-20130512-9.jpgToday was the day for Tsumami lesson for myself.
I thought I haven't been for long, but actually, it was the second lesson of this month.

It's good to go somewhere and meet people, and create something pretty.
Next week, according to the advanced notice (warning?!), we are going to tackle something rather complicated, i.e., massive numbers of silk squares to be crafted.

Butterfly to fly away into the summer sky.
I will be staying at 246 common tomorrow afternoon.
Hope there will be no rain while I am out.

Milky Blue

tdy-20130611.jpgWent to Kichijoji for shopping.
One of the items in shopping list was a comic book.
I found by accident another comic series I have been buying fot a new volume out on that day!!

So it was unexpectedly good shopping day to me.
I went home with two pair of jeans and two volumes of comic books.

One of my favouite Kanzashi.
Pale blue beads are the character setters, I think.

Little flowers

hp-20130512-4.jpgOnce you are worn out, it takes time to recover.
Body is quicker, but recovery of spirit takes longer.

I knew it, so I am usually careful.
But this time, I am worn out.

Taking time to put myself together, although I see time limit is coming soon.

Well, I am steadily moving forward.
Wonderful night spending with a good friend of mine over lovely - actually absolutely fabulous beef - meal is definately a good remedy.


f3-20130611-2.jpgLovely sorbet colour glass bead and deep read chrystal art part set with a peach pink flower.
To some extent, very sweet and girly.
I believe this isn't too girly after all.

This piece put together of three people's effort - glass bead, chrystal art, and tsumami. It is fun to work with other people and creating something I cannot make alone.

This corabollative work is named F3 (pronouce as f-three, although logo and meaning are actually "f cube").

We've set up F3 Facebook Page, so please click "Like" button for us!

Blue and blue

tdy-20130502-2.jpgSun shined a bit, and after rain in the evening, it was rather cool today.

Another relaxed weekend, but meeting wonderful people in two days row.
Having good conversation, and new ideas, and fun, which is really priceless. After hectic days, I really needed this.

Image of summer is blue - that's one of my blog readers told me.
and I heartedly agree with her.
So, here are two of my favourites for today's photo.

Lovely with summer dresses and yukata.


棚I have decided today is the D-day for clearing my room.
I tried.

Actually, I tried to create storage to accommodate things scattered on the floor.
Start working in the morning, managed to make a shelf.
What I need to do now is to fill this, and make the floor surface re-appear.

Not a easy task to me, but must be done this time. (I admit this task was overdue for long time.)


hp-20130512-8.jpgIn the afternoon, it was sudden rain like squall.
Looking at it from my office window - safely inside, which is important - I thought summer has come.

Once rain's gone, and night fall, air warm and humid was left.
...really summer-ish.
Somehow, I wished there was someone to share my thought.

Hopefully, my thoughts fly like butterfly and reach to someone someday.
...a bit sentimental, maybe because of the rain.

Tsumami Lesson @ Fuga Style Cafe

fuga201306.jpgThe second session of tsumami craft at Fuga Style Cafe was ended with joyful atmosphere.
This time, we are making clematis combs for summer use!

All of them are the beginners, and one of them tried tsumami craft for the very first time.
But they did very well. Everybody made beautiful flowers.

It does not mean they had easy time.
That's for sure.

At the end of the session, all of us needed a nice cup of tea or coffee to relax after hard "training" session - that what they said to me...

Hope they enjoyed it, and next session, we will have lovely combs in completion.

My gratitude to those joined the session and staff of the cafe.
Thanks a lot!


タッセルI was not certain of making interior with Tsumami craft.
This time, however, took this new challange.

Since I did not have interest in interior things much, my surprise started from the "definition" of tassel.
Didn't it mean the fluffy thing??
Learned that the things holding curtains are called "tassel"!!

The reason why I made this is for tassel contest.
So please vote for one of your favourites here.
Probably, you can vote via pinterest.

Rose Alabaster

tdy-20130611-4.jpgAt last, the weather is really like in the rainy season.
Gray and wet.
In addition, my morning was not exactly good either... a machine did not work, and had problem at work!

Having said that, it's not too bad after so many sunny days.

Purple patels and sweet rose alabaster beads going together with tasty-looking pale purple glass bead.

246 common

246common20130609.jpgIt was quite and wonderful place in Omotesando, but the image of the place is almost out of "stylish" Omotesando.
Slightly old-fashioned, or shabby tast of 246 common, however, is definately my cup of tea.

I enjoyed just being there, sitting quietly gazing at the sky and greens swinging with gentle wind.

I was told that I can be there as many as I like while tenugui-shop, Todaya, is there.
Trying to fix my schedule for once or twice (if I can!!) at 246 common in this month.

My gratitudes to those who set up this occasion, and those who visited and showed interest to tenugui and my work!

Akagi Marche

akagi20130608.jpgDespite the rain of the previous day, yesterday was a hot day.
...to be precise, a very hot day.

Most probably, because of this heat, not many people came out of their house, and the market was rather quiet in the morning, which is unlikely for Akagi marche. Ususally, the marche has quite a numbers of poeple coming and going all day long.

Anyway, I enjoyed chatting with friends, and looking at some "new" pretty things they brought.

Today, I am off to Omotesando, 246common.
It's only between 13:00 and 17:00, but if you are coming to Omotesando or Shibuya, please visit 246common as well.
The place contains quite nice food court.

Chrystal Flower

p-菊2013Bit of rain would help plants grow.
Being honest, my garden requires more water than this morning's rain...
What missing should be subsidised by myself.

Aftermath of the rain, cool wind came into my room.
Still morning air is cool in June!
So, I thought this one is like morning air, clarity and coolness sealed in a small pendant.

Tomorrow is the day of Akagi marche.
It gonne be a hot day, but come and join us for lovely goods.

Butterfly & Flowers

hp-20130512-6.jpgToday was sort of judgement day - annual health check.
I am sure not only myself but also some of you would dread the day like this.

But, seems to have not much problem!!
Just need to wait for the result of blood test!

So I enjoyed high calorie food and drink (non-alcoholic).
While doing it, adding powdered garlic to crisps tasts really good!
It's very different from garlic-tasted crisps sold as a packet.
...why is that??

Hair pins. There are many of these still.


rdy-金魚2013Have been trying to expand the varieties for tenugui made tsumami, based on what I see as its strengths.

Vivid colour is one such, I believe.
Striking red and yellow may be powerful enought to hit back strong sunshine of summer.
Good for yukata, which usually paired with bright colour obi, like red, and yellow.

These will be first appear to public this weekend at Kagurazaka and Omotesando.

Cherry Blossom

cl-sakura20130430.jpgEveryday, it's like summer.
I am wondering whether it has been like this in late May and early June...
Suppose not.

In addition, despite it is in rainy season, no rain for nearly a week. ... It is true that it does not rain much in June in Tokyo and surrounding areas, but still. We need a bit more moisture for plants and for human.

Cherry blossom and flowers.
... feeling for more summer-ish flowers at the moment due to the weather.
Will make some briefly.


pin-20130427-1.jpgI think my task done.
... to be more precise, almost done.
But something for sure.
I can SLEEP tonight!!

It's about time that I sleep safe and sound.

Before another strom attacks me, I will recover myself and regain energy to tackle it.

Small flowers which may bloom on a jacket or ... any surface that allows it to flower!

Shining Star

tdy-20130512-4.jpgShades of blue and striking yellow in one flower hits me somehow.
Happy with the result so far.

As my friends describe, these cotton flowers are something for now - summer.
I agree.
Maybe, that's one of the reasons why I am so keen on tenugui flowers at the moment.

Tenugui flowers will be:
at 246common in Omotesando
next Sunday, 9 June
between 13:00 and 17:00.

Do some and meet them!