Had extremely busy weekend, and thought things would be better by now.
Unfortunately, what I thought was far from the reality.
My days are still like hell, and I must sacrifice my sleep.
Not a good thing at this age....

Some cheerful news is, hygrangeas are blooming.
Just looking out through train windows, various blues make me feel slightly better.

Pins - made loads, but I may need to make more.


pt-20130519.jpgThere are several events around Kanto area this weekend.
Would love to visit one or more events, but unfortunately, I had to be indoor, working extremly hard.

and now... actually, I should not be writing blog like this, and suppose to be working hard again.

Little pendant with a small red flower.
I found it very pretty beyond my expectation.


pt-cameria20130426-4.jpgSunny days are good for washing.
I've been washing winter clothes, and trying to tidy up my room.

Not very successful, but progressing a bit.
Will complete this project someday...

Red camellia pendant.
Not exactly a suitable combination of colour for summer, but still, I believe this piece may go with white shirts.

Sugar Pinks

cm-201304.jpgMaking so many small thing for events.
It gives me sort of satisfaction to my, but deep inside, I want to take more time to think and try for new thing...
There are several motifs I want to try, but at the moment, I can't see how to accomodate them into my schedule.

There should be some room for that!!

Anyway, this comb is made of my favourite colours.
Love those deep reddish-purple, and combination of pinks.
They are so romantic and sweet.


tdy-20130512-3.jpgAt Design Festa, one of my friends told me his schedule is unbelibably tight, and he was not aware of it until a few days ago.
I agreed to him that mine is as bad as his.

But somehow, I was not seeing the "reality" of it yet.

A day after Design Festa, my schedule came to me as "reality".
Don't know how to manage it .... or whether I actually handle this schedule.

But what was done is done. I will manage it.

First event comoing is at Kimono shop in Kamata.
Summer kimono and related goods are available there at:
Kimono Takigawa
10:30 - 19:00
Closed on Sundays
Nearest Station: Kamata

These chrysanthemums will be there for summer Kimono and for jeans.
Todaya's colour is powerful and vivid, so I believe they are suitable for summer use.

Design Festa Vol 37

desfes.jpgThe last of my events scheduled in April/May finished.
I thought I will have my clam and relaxed days back after degisn festa.
But alas, I was wrong.

There are a couple of events coming up and my days will be like this til mid-June.

Looking back design festa, I had fun and lessons to learn, which is good.
Every one who came to find me, and those who supported me, I am grateful to you all.
Thanks a lot!


pt-20130518.jpgDesign Festa 2nd day.
Working between 11:00 to 19:00 is quite tough, particularly at a place lots of people are coming and going.

But there are some interesting stuff in my eyes reach, and am enjoying it.

Little pendant with flowers.
Good length to wear with shirts, and open neck dress, etc.


hp-20130512-10.jpgPast few years, I always feel astonishment and much greater gratitude to those who concerned about my future.
They really worried and some are trying to do something for me.

Never once thought anyone would worried about my next job or what will happen to me after my job contract come to an end.

I knew my work environment is good and comfortable, and surrounding by wonderful people.
But I realized it, not just once.
Lucky me!

Tomorrow, design festa starts.
Numberous "goods" and "popele" wll be at Tokyo Big Sight.

Cherry Blossom

cl-sakura201304-2.jpgHad fun with my friends at wonderful Italian restaurant in Ebisu.
We found that one of us was 6 month pregnant!
It is not exactly a huge surprise as she got married last year. But it's the length of time that we've been together ... more than 5 years, almost every month we meet.

Anyway, lovely cherry blossoms to enlight our life.

Cotton flowers

tdy-20130512-1.jpgEveryday, it's about 26'c.
It's alsmot summer!
I've noticed that the leaves are energetically green, and flowers are bright in red, yellow, orange and pinks.

Not exactlly looking for the temperature over 30'c, but I love summer for its energy.

These flowers are made of cotton. I enjoy the differences in colour and texture from silks.


cl-レジン2013I don't really believe in gods and others, but sometimes, I feel there is someone coming into my business ... most probably for the very good reason.

Yesterday, I dropped my big tea mug and tea all over the place. Irritated to myself, but at the same time, I knew "someone" is telling me to start tidy up my room.
This is cue.

So, I started.
There are many things on my plate, and I really shouldn't spending time for clearing my space. But at the sametime, things on the plate are all important to me and I want to keep them on the right track with good results.

Therefore, I wouldn't dare take offensive attitudes to "it".

Flowers with clear background.
Hope everything is as clear as this....

Akagi Marche

akagi201305.jpgIt was sunny and hot day, which was lovely for taking a walk. There are many people coming to enjoy summer weather, and cute goods gather together at Akagi Shrine.

Despite the fact that I was under the big umbrella almost all day, I got sun burn. Let alone others who did not have umbrellas!

My heartful gratitude to those come and purchased, and to the staff for their support.

Next will be on 8 June.


pt-cameria20130426-1.jpgRaining today, and as the weather focast said, sunny tomorrow hopefully.

It is always quite nice to listen to the rain from my room with a nice cup of tea. Situation change only when I need to go out for something I "must" do.

Camellia pendant, which I am trying increase the colour vriety.
It seems this pendant can go on any types of tops, T-shirs,sweater, shirts, etc.


br-r201303.jpgIt's Friday!
I usually do not have this much of gratitude and desire for weekend, but this week, I have been really looking forward to it.

Having big event every week is not an easy thing to go through.
I knew it and I am experiencing it.

It is hard, but not miserable. There are lots of wonderful opportunities to meet people and faburous opus.

Summer Tasts

tdy-20130502-1.jpgCheerful and colourful.
The power of the fabric suits well for summer dresses.

Traditional Japanese towel - tenugui - is processed through highly skilled craftmanship, which guarantees good quality cotton and beautiful colour.

Todaya the traditional Japanese towel maker and I have decided to seek for new possibility of producing accessories.
I am enojoying this new challenge.


pin-201304.jpgQuiet morning after strong winds are gone.
It's lovely to just sit and enjoy morning light.

...even, just a few minutes.

These tiny pins are cute on shirts, bags or a hat.
It seems people like putting two together.
Good to know someone finds and gives the way they shine!

Events in May

event201305.jpgI found that I haven't posted events in this month yet....
And worse, one of them has finished already!

It could happen... and I've done it.

So the schedule of the month is as below:

12 May, Sunday
Akagi Marche
10:00 - 17:00
@ Akagi Shrine
Nearest station: Kagurazaka

My "home" craft market.
Looking forward to it, but the weather focast is not promising.
Hope things will change and have clear sky on the day.

18- -19 May, Satruday/Sunday
Degisn Festa
11:00 - 19:00
@Tokyo Big Sight
Nearest Station: Kokusai tenjijo

Big craft event and there are so many people at both sides ... the ones presenting and the ones comoing to see them.
Quite sure that you will find something interesting.

Coming in June

Tsumami lessons @ Fuga Style Cafe
15 June, Saturday
Crafting accessory with clematis for summer outings!
For the details, click here

Cherry Blossom

cl-sakura20130427.jpgA sunny day - blue sky and white clouds.
Particles of light reflected on green leaves.
Lovely to stay clam and just enjoy the moment.

I really feel it is necessary to do nothing - probably, just gazing at the sky, plants and movements of little birds, etc.
After a bit of luxury of doing nothing, I am going back to usual routine.

I felt that cherry blossom and small flowers in purple shades might be too heavy for early summer, but it seems all right for now .... at least to me.

OZONE Craft Market

ozone2013.jpg2 days at OZONE have done.
Ozone is an interesting place to be. Althought it is a shop/show room, it has very quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

Most of the time I was there, I was looking at faburous wood table tops made of various kinds - each of them is unique and has character.

With wonderful surprise of meeting my old friend (and her mother), the craft market was full of surprises.
...and I enjoyed very much.

My gratitudes to everyone I met there, and to those who supported me.

White Chrysanthemum

o-set.jpgA set of Kanzashi for furisode (long sleeve kimono).

The requet was "mainly white with some purple".
So, I have decided to arrange large white chrysanthemum with various sades of blues, which include purples.

Despite the request, I could not help adding pink-ish flowers, which I believed to add a bit of lovely atmosphere.

Glad to know that these kanzashi will be loved and cherished.

Grateful to the opportunity given to engage to an opus to support someone's significant milestone event in her life!
Thanks a lot!

White patels

rg-201303.jpgFirst day at OZONE craft market.
It is my first visit to Shinjuku Park Tower, but that area offered me something unexpected.
Calm, home-like atmosphere created inside of a shop with wonderful funiture.

I am lucky to sit in front of miraculous wood table tops.
They are unique and beautiful.
So beautiful that I could not help touching them.
But alas, they are dumn expensive!!

Anyway, I am enjoying the experience at OZONE.
Heartful thanks to those who I met today, and expecial thanks to my friend who come to help me!


cm-20130426o.jpgAfter the rain, gray and cold...
But I have a plan!

I am going to get out of my house, and enjoy scenary .... even just a little bit.
The least I can do during my holiday week.

The colour combination of pink and white is one of my favourites.
I think they go very well together.
Cute and not too sweet.

Tomorrow, OZONE craft market in Shinjuku Park Toweris held.
Hope there are many exiciting moments, and interesting people to meet!
My friend is coming to help, which is a great confort to me, so really looking forward to it.


k-20130427.jpgMay Day!
and my "Golden Week" starts today!!

Well, actually, my golden week of craftmanship starts today.
I need to work quite a lot this month, commencing a 2 day event in Shinjuku.

What I regret is that I could not pick up my new "toy".
I was planning to play with it during the holiday....

Never mind that...

This kanzashi has a lovely handmade glass bead, and twin flowers - and other twins as well.