k-20130427-2.jpgTime really flies.
I thought this year started just a while ago, but it's already at the end of April.

There are tonnes of things to be done, and another tonnes of things waiting to be proceeded.

A split of moment, a thought cross my mind - am I moving too fast?

But the second thought comes in. It's not only myself, but other things move fast as well.
The sun is brighter, and wind is warmer.

To catch up the weather, there are small pins in various colours.
...well, only three visible, but there ARE multiple colours to be shown!

Tsumami Lessons

fuga-June.jpgIf you are interested in trying Tsumami craft, here is an opportunity to tast a touch of it.

15 June and 13 July (Saturdays), make a comb with summer flower motifs - clemtis.

In order to complete the comb, it takes 2 sessions: first session makes flowers, and the second session forms flowers into a comb.

福清体験If you felt this clematis comb is way beyond your reach, then there is an alternative.

Small flower earrings.
This can be completed within an hour or hour and half.

You may choose colour for flowers during the lesson. In the case you have particular desire for colour, you may request in advance.

Lesson fees:
earrings: 3500 yen
Comb: 11000 yen (5500 yen x 2)

Reservation necessary.
Please contact me via email or message box at the right-hand colum.
email: tsumami.fukusaya* (* = @)


cl-sakura201304-1.jpgBetween 25 and 27 April, joined Hobby Show at Tokyo Big Sight.
Prior to the event, several thoughts crossed my mind, but the end result was very satisfactory ... no, it was fabulous.
I enjoyed very much.

The only thing I reglet there is, I couldn't shop enought!!
There were so many lovely things I wanted have a close look, and to obtain.
I wish I were there as a guest!

But anyway, I am grateful to all the people I met there.
...and to those who made me to write in English again.