ねこIt was a lovely day having three cream puffs at work
But, I knew I am supposed to be on a diet, and trying to lose a bit of weight...
Never mine, I will start tomorrow!!

Cats with elegant brown patals.
Lovely with autumn colour garmets.

Two Bears


I've been working on a box for the past three days, and as I think of this of box, came to an idea for the next opus.
Looking forward to realizing this idea!

As for today's, two bears for earrings.
I found them in a small craft shop in Nasu.
Hope someone will love them as much as I do....

Pale Oranges

福梅This weekend, I was in the kitchen ever so long...
Longest of the past few months.
It means my life is back to normal.
Happy with the realization of "business as usual".

This orange plum petal is rather unusual for my colour selection.
But when I saw this bit of fabric, I couldn't help matching these soft but cheerful colours together.
Hope someone will find it lovely.

Purple and Blue

菊Sleeping a lot and working fair amount at home.
Just finish making dressing for next 12 months, and doing justice to the rest of the ingredients.
So, by tonight, I will have dressing and preserve of Yuzu, a sort of the citrus fruits with rich fragrance.

As for the picture, small combs.
Blue one was as I expected, but the purple one ... I thought it comes out slightly different shades.
But I guess unexpected result may be one of the characteristics of this art...


つばきNo plan to go out!
Good weekened!
Just staying at home and do whatever I need to do and I want to do, which is really wonderful to me.

Right..., camerias.
These are for obi, it will be pretty on it.
Cameria is a winter flower (or early Spring?), and would be lovely to have a bit of seasonal flowers on you.

Plum Patales

福梅It's been a long day ....over 12 hours at work...
Sometimes, I am wondering why so many people want my replies, and why I need to write so many emails...

But, as my colleague told me, suppose I'm lucky and should be grateful to the circumstances that people are asking my services and trusting me to do the jobs.

Despite my gratitude, I really need something pretty to cheer me up ....

Orange Patals

菊Thinking of something simple, but pretty ... and hopefully, can give an impression.
Probably, this will do the job.

Orange and crimson colour are definately the colour for Japanese new year - particularly for Kimono.
But I believe dresses with these colour may suit as well!

Rainbow Colours

ヘアピンBorrowed Sherlock Season 2.
But before starting this, I thought I should finish watching Sherlock Holmes ... whole series.
Now, am at Disk 15, just a few DVDs left.

So having busy days, watching Holmes, taking nap, and working on and planning some projects.

Lovely weekend indeed!

Golden Chrysanthemum

k-菊1211-2Staying at home whole day.
...and doing almost nothing.
Sounds lazy, but it is a well-earned pleasure and luxury, I believe....

A large ctysanthemum with various shades of yellow - an image of Autumn.

This flower was inspired by the handmade amber glass beads and rich copper coloured fabrics.


福梅When I was having dink with my friend who is a great fan of Urawa Red Diamonds, he told me something really shocking to me.

Gamba Osaka is in danger of going down to J2!

I knew my team is not the brightest, but they were in the middle, and something doing fairly well.

I checked the game results, and found that what he said was true...
Sad. (Although I don't follow the match very closely, I still support Gamba, I do.)

Anyway, here is my another favourite, Sybilla-look-alike-coloured flowers.


椿Camerias as accessaries for Kimono.
They are used with string to hold Obi - the sash.

Camericas are one of my favourite flowers.
Strong and beautiful winter flower.
Every autumn and winter, I have urge to make cameria motif accessaries somehow.

They must be my personal "seasonal event" like Christmas.


剣菊It's been a while since I posted last.
Had a very hectic days, and when the storm was nearly over, another one hit straight....

I though such days were over by the end of October, but I was wrong.
They still continue somehow.

But the good thing is, I can find time to work on my own porjects and enjoy the results!

I felt that this crimson suit the season, and my heart which requires something elegant and adoable.