マカロンFound "professionary made" fake sweets are exquisit.
Really closely copied features of fruits and swets.

I love beautiful cakes and puddings, but don't need to eat them all. In such cases, fake sweets give me a pleasure of looking at faburous "sweet look" and more, never go off.

Actually, I might go and buy a real macron and have it with a nice cup of tea.

Earrings with Gothic Hearts

earingThe combination of fake sweets and tsumami craft to make a matching bottole and a pair of earrings.

Originally, I thought this as a gift wrapping, but as the second thought, decided that this can be just a set of a container and earrings.

This rather sweet Gothic earrings can be used for Halloween parties, can't it?

Bunch of Flowers

butterflySet up the space in Tokyu Hands in the Sunday morning.
It was raining heavily, and wasn't the best day to bring stuff to anywhere else.

But still...
They are there now!

This is one of the stuff I brought to Hands Garalley Market.
2 way clip with some flowers and a butterfly.
It may be handy when you use a stole or a scarf.


鶴Crane the winter bird.
Morning rain drop the temperature, and brought autumn.... almost.

Yesterday, as I was watching the weekly weather forecast, the highest temperature of the day continue to reach 30'c till the end of September.
This gave me feel weird - over 30'c at the end of September?!

Global warming and climet change must be happening.


sakuraSmall pins with a cherry blossom.
It supposed to represent Spring, and suitable only to wear in Spring.

This flower, however, is the national flower of Japan.
So, it is considered to use sakura motif all through the year as Kimono patterns.

These pins will be nice to be used with other hair accessories.

Plum Petals

pinsThis week end was filled with meetings with friends.
There were lots to be caught up.
Each one of them told me various stories related to their fileds, which most probably I will not experience.

After such lovely conversations, now I feel I must do what I need to do.

Faburous weekend with wonder food and drink!

Little Petals

pinU-pins to add volume to your hair accessories, or to enjoy various arrangements.

These pins are fun to use as they will offer several choices in hair arrangements.

If you have a few of these, then it will be nice, but only one would make the difference.

Star Flower

pin blueHair pins with blue flowers.

I feel that pins add their charm when it lined in various colours. So, more pins are on their way!

LIttle by little, talking to my schedule, preparations for the next events are making progress.

Hope the temprature falls a little bit more... temperature wise, still it's summer in Japan.