Gold Fish

gfish.jpgThe last week of June.
Summer is almost there.

It seems that gold fish is one of the things associated to the very "summer-feeling" for many Japanese.

These golld fhish will be swimming on the sash for Kimono and Yukata - casual cotton Kimono for the Summer.

These may also be hanged at your neck with ribbons and chains.


hp-hydrangea1206.jpgThe Market @ Gallery Hiko (Nishiogikubo) has started.
The weather was not pretty yesterday, but today, seems to be a fine day!

There are lots of pretty things gathering there!

Rainy season and hydrangeas are always togather.
Inokashira-line runs between hydrangeas now.
It's not full bloom yet, but will be soon.

Blue Margarets

er-マーガレット2The beginning of another busy week.
This Friday is the first day of an event, The Market.
Hope things go well and people enjoy it.

There are lots of things to be managed, and I should be focused on them. But there are things poping up in my mind, which should not be crossing my mind now....
Life is difficult!!

A pair of earring with blue margarets.
I know this is not in real, but I like them.


k-miniくす1205pEvent on Sunday makes a week really tough.
Additional drinking session after the event made me exhausted... but things did not finish there.
There was another drink session scheduled, and a few other odd events booked for the week....
Way too many events in a week!

So, I am happy to be just staying at home, and doing bits and pieces for myself and home (... and others).

Small Kusudama for summer fashion.
Glass beads will add clear brightness suitable for hot summer days.