PInk Tulip

b-チューリップSunday was Akagi Marshe, and was a hot day.
There were lots of visitors to Akagi Shrine enjoying the market and other events held there.
Next will be on 16 June.

This is a small tulip broach.
Nice on a hat, a bag and other usual sort of decoration ... like jaket.


c-チューリップwTomorrow is the day of the market!
It's been a while since the last Akagi marche, and really looking forward to it.

According to the weather forcast. tomorrow will be a fine day.

A comb from tupis series.
Good for casual use and even for a party scene.
Sure to bring brightness and cheer to the scene.


c-クレマチス1205There are things I need to do and I would like to do... and balancing these are always more difficult than I expected.
Incapable of dealing with the situations, I usually stressed myself out... and tired.

But today, I had a good relaxed day full of laughter and fun.

Pale blue to purple shades of clematis.
Almost the collection of my favoutie colours.

Tulips and Clematis

k-チューリップIt was quite afternoon I had after a long while. Until the last week, there were some visitors almost everyday, which made me really tired.

Unlike the weather today - raning and chilly - warm vitamin colour to cheer you up.
I had lots of difficulties finding suitable colours for this arrangement, and visited many flower shops and gift corners selling flower-arrangements.

After sufficient research, I ended up with this.
Quite happy with the result.

Roese and Tulips

c-薔薇1205I missed eclips coz I didn't know it was in the early morning, just after I woke up ... had only a feeling with gray-ish light outside.

My experiments with tulips continue.
It's fun to think about something different, and as it brought an unexpected result from the collaboration between silk and iron.

This iron tree is crafted by my friend - blacksmith - and I simply love it.


c-turips.jpgIt's been busy and could not find enough enery to write two blogs a day.
This, howeve, does not mean I wasn't doing anyting.

Here is a new creation of mine.
Using tulips as the main feature formed a comb.

One of my friends makes wonderful bouquets with tsumami craft, and her resent work was that of tulips!

So with her permission, I tried tulip motif.
I quite like tulips in real, and of tsumami.

Cherry Blossoms and Dogwoods

k-ハナミズキAnother dogwood motif.
I am happy to see how this kanzashi came out - both colour and structure wise.

Flowers are cascading down and create a movement on your hair.
If you arrange this kanzashi at the right-hand side, then flowers will clime up your hair.
That's also lovely to see.

Depanding on which side you arrange this kanzashi, there are at least two different impression it can give.

The colour variation from white, pink to purple may bring a light feeling of early summer.

Crimson flowers

er-redd.jpgThe last day of the Golden Week.
I always wonder why holidays really fly....
Today started rather hot, but suddenly changed to chilly weather associated to rain and hail.

Suppose this is a part of spring weather...

A pair of earrings with small red petals.
This pair have matched ring.


c-クレマチスLovely blue sky, at last!
I found violet clematis floweing in my garden.
Clematis is one of my favourite flowers.
Happy to see it coming!
Summer is nearly there - that's the feeling I have whenever I see clematis.

Clematis motif 2012 version.
Last year's design had three flowers. That was good as it was.
So this summer, there will be two types of clematis: this one and three flower version.


c-ハナミズキI thought today gonna be better weather...
and did my washing!!

Anyway, happened to heared lots about the exchange of cherry trees and dogwoods beteen Japan and the US.
In Tokyo, there are lots of dogwoods planted by the road.
I love their pretty flowers, but didn't know the name of them for a while.

Originally intended to arrange only dogwood petals, but reconsidered to add cherry blossoms. It may be a good symbole for 100 year anniversary for the "friendship" between Japan and the US.

Pinky Plum

h-c福梅p"Raining dog and cat" ... or was it "dogs and cats"?
Either way, last night's rainfall was very heavy and noisy!

Plants seem to be happy with plenty of water falling from the sky, but humans aren't that much.

This is a comb with three pink plum petals.
As a colour wise, it might be too warm for early summer, but glittering swarovski may contribute to give clear and fresh impression on your hair.

Purple Drops

er-purpled.jpgLeaving my duties behind, my mind can fly and seek more interesting things to create and enjoy searching rough designs for it.

Hope these ideas can be realised as I intended... but suppose, I have to go through usual process of trials and errors.

Here is a pair of earrings with purple drops.
These are charming and cheerful, but stilll, grown-up-ish due to the chic purple petals.

Blue Cufflinks

c-blue.jpgThe first day of my week-long-holiday.
Such a relief to be at home and do what I want to do, rather than what I need to do.
From tomorrow, I shall engage myself to various tasks - gonna be busy.

Cufflinks with small blue flowers.
As my friend rightly pointed out, the box took more efforts than cufflinks....
This box is wrapped with Liberty print at the bottom, and pretty stripe with green-lace as an accent on the top.