er-いちごStaying at home and doing nothing - what a faburous way to spend a day after a long and busy week!
I seriously believe "doing nothing" is luxury.

Two pair of earrings - strawberry and rapeseed.
White strawberry flower and its fruits are one of the motifs I wanted to feature as earrings.

Three Petals

h-mc小花Lovely weekend, sunny and warm - could say it's rather hot!
Yesterday's Yokohama Red Bric Weahouses were full of people drinking German beers.
It was really a good day for that! and I am sure that today is another good day for drinking a few pints of beers outside!

Here is the lovely shades of red decorating a small comb.
This may be good for casual use like wearing it with a pair of jeans.


er-薔薇Two sets of roses - to me, roses are always the flower in June. It is, probably, because in England, they are.
So when the weather is gray or rainy, and fairly warm, then I start looking for roses in gardens...

Red roses have czech drop beads. Purple ones have swarovski and fluorites - stones of healing power.

Shadowy Blue

k-花鞠bReally looking foward to Golden Week, although my G.W. does not start until 1 May...

This Kanzashi is round in shape and has swinging tassel to add charm.
Flowers are various shades of blue, which create different impressions according to the direction it was viewed.

Blue glass bead is handcrafted by FrostMoon.
It is a real beauty by its own acoount, parituclarly when it collect sunshine and reflect blue lights.


er-cats418.jpgAnother busy day ahead.
It's quite tough to meet, talk and discuss with different people everyday...
Although I can learn various things from there, nenrgy required is vast.

Colourful flowers with little cats.
They are one of my favourite motifs for earrings.
They can be cheerful additions to your summer garmets.

Petit Hydrangeas

u-あじさいToday, it was really warm outside, but the warmth did not reach into my room at all...
So it was like going between winter and summer as I walk into the building from outside.

These are pretty little hydrangeas.
There are small so put several and you can play on your hair.
They go with other accessories and different conbination will produce various impressions.

Three White Flowers

h-c福梅wCan't believe it is almost towards the end of April, as tonight is chilly and like in Winter.

Slight consolation is that the flowers I bought the other day brightened my room - garberas in various shades of pinks and pale pink ranunculuses.

Here is a comb suitable for Sunny and warm early summer days.
White and the combination of pueple and white petals may give cool and fresh feeling.

Plum petals

mc-小梅0329it's gray again, and have to go to work.
Sounds bit like Dido's song.... the difference may be no one near me so I have to swallow all the reality.

Little plum flowers on a comb.
It's small but has character.
it's interesting to see choice of colour change as the seaon changes. I didn't really intended this, but unconsious choose something suitable for the season - gentle colours for Spring.

Black Petals

er-blacks.jpgBrought a few new items to Hands yesterday.
Earring section at our Hands booth refilled!
There are other items we added, too. So please go and check it out!

There pairs of earrings with black petals are at Hands as well. These are two sides of a coin ... like a princess and a witch.
Actually, it might be two sides of a woman?!

One is with two types of czech beads - round and drop shape; and the other is with round swarovski and skull.

Metal Hearts

er-yellowh.jpgSort of finishing weekly routine.
It's good to go through routine and get use to the workload.

This pair is small yellow flowers with tiny metal hearts.
Suppose hearts shouldn't be too big....?

Anyway, these swinging white metal hearts are really pretty little things, particularly with cezk glass beads adding elegance.

This can be used for various occasions from casual like a pair of jeans to parties.


u-菜の花Warm and lovely day, but quite clearly the season of cherry blossoms is gone.
Pitty I missed the occasion to enjoy those in Inokashira Park....

Here is another symbol of Spring - rapeseed.
Lovely lemon colour may be a jolly company for Spring/Summer outing.
Vitamin colour like this can give the wearer energy and luck!

Events in May

event1204-2.jpgThe events in May have decided!

13 May (Sun)
Design Festa
@ Tokyo Big Sight
11:00 - 19:00
Nearest Station: Tokyo kokusai Kaigijo

At last, first appearance at Design Festa!
There are so many interesting and cute things gathering there for two days.
Unfortunately, I will be there only on Sunday, but the show starts on Saturday!
You may need to purchase tickets to entre, but if you buy it in advance, it will be 800 yen.

27 May (Sun)
Akagi Marshe
@ Akagi Shrine
11:00 - 17:00
Nearest Station: Kagurazaka

Usual place - happy and cozy.
Hope the weather would be nice to us!

On-going event
Hands Gallery Market
@Tokyu Hands Shibuya

Cats and Pale Green Petals

er-cats.jpgShades of green and shining cats dangling from your ears.
At the back of the earrings, small swarovski will be glittering.

These flowes on the erarrings are about 1cm in diamiter, and the centre of the flower is swarovski as well.
Would be nice for small accessary between Spring and Winter to add a touch of colour. This pair may cheer you up even in the gray Monday morning!

Kusudama and Mobile Phone

mobile.jpgOne of the Kusudama in yesterday's article was an order recieved from my friend.
I had no idea which colour mobile she has, but as it turned out, the colour I have chosen really fit to hers.

Making there are quite lonely task, sitting alone and continuously folding fabric.
When something is completed and appliciated by someone, however, it's a joy. All the efforts made for it can be paid off ... at least, feel like it.

Glad she liked it!


st-樟玉aRaining outside, and gray...
But it doesn't really affect me today as I am staying at home and relax!

So in the morning, I have done some task almost over due... taking TOEIC practice test.
It's on computer and just practice, and I don't need it. My situation, however, doen't allow me to keep escaping from what dislike....
Taking test may go with this miserable weather, anyway.

More cheerful account, here are Kusudama straps.
These Kusudama are about 2.5cm in diameter (inch? dunno... google it)

Purple Box with Lace and Hygrangea

bx-purple.jpgStart raining at night.
Did't relised it until quite late at night as I was taking a nap on a sofa....

Suppose I was really tired because of the beginning of the new fiscal year, and a week with new people and slightly different environment.

Anyway, glad to know there is a weekend almost no plan ahead of me!!
I definately need it.

This purple box with hydrangea came out as a beauty, despite the fact that inside, I could do better.
I am grateful that my friend liked this piece and brought it with him.

Star Flowers

st-五芒This morning, I enjoyed the views through train windows.
Now, they are full of colours and enegies - new greens, flowers are blooming in purple, pink, yellow and white.
Lucky that the rain last night did not washed off cherry petals!

These are petit size straps for keys and phone accessories.
it's pretty to have one of these swinging around your phone.

Shades of Violet

小花Thought today is a good day for doing my washing.
But the weather betrayed me....

So, I've decided to engage myself in different business...

This is a collection of small flowers to form a round flower-ball. This can be useful as it works in various ways. For instance, this originally is a scarf holder, but it can be a pendant with a chain.

When you use as pendant, small swarovski element will swing like a little star.

Passion Flowers

mc-トケイソウ0329Thanks to acupuncture, the pain I had in my arm dissolved!
Until yesterday, I was thinking I need pain-killer to do something about my arm...

Today is the beginning of the old routine.... have to keep running for at least 3 months and half.

These passion flower mini-combs are good for both casual use and party scenes.
When these came out, I felt something odd, and then realised that I miscounted the petals...
Well, it happends.

A box with Chrysanthemums

bx-菊Today, went to acupuncture as "maintenace" of my body.
My needs in acupuncture is quite serious, particularly after Mitsukoshi event, for which I work so hard (maybe too hard).

Anyway, this is a box with chrysanthemums.
The size is good for accessaries, and puffs for make-up.
Outside feature is rather plain, but inside is different.
It's fun.
If you like to see inside, visit here.

Green Flower Ball

kz-花鞠gWent to Tokyo Midtown for Hanami in Kimono.
It is almost an annual event among my friends.
The weather was milder than yesterday, and the contrast between white cherry blossoms and blue sky was magnificent.

This Kanzashi is like a bunch of flower with green tassel.
This isn't a large piece, but certainly has characters.
The tassel is hanged below a round glass bead crafted by FrostMoon. The colour of the glass bead is delecate shades of green and blue; and that's fabulous.

Akagi Marshe

akagi.jpgIt was a very windy day and I was there for only in the morning.
But these negatives did not affect me having a good time there.
Many people including my friends came to see me in the morning, and enjoyed a good chat with them.

Thanks a lot for coming, and picking something from my work!
I am very grateful for that.

Although it was windy, cherry blossoms were beautiful.
I wasn't sure whether the shrine actually has cherry tree, but it was there and was in full-bloom.

My event in this month is over.
I am looking forward to the moment I can sit down quietly and work on new pieces... till events in May!

A Spring Bunch

mc-菊pAnother two nights to this weekend.
This is no surprise as one week have only seven days.
But the realization of the time past, that's shocking.

A comb with gradation of colour from violet to pink.
This isn't a large piece, but shows solid existence when it's set on your hair, particularly for the lighter hair colours.

Good for casual use, but it can also be used for party scenes - preferably with other ornaments.

Event in April

event1204-1.jpgNearly the last minute notice on the event in April.
Considering the schedule I had in March, which was rather packed... there is only one event I participate in this month.

7 April (Sat)
Akagi Marshe
10:00 - 17:00
@ Akagi Shrine (Kagurazaka)

I am afraid I will be there only in the morning as I had to attend a class in the afternoon.
I shall be back around 17:00 to Akagi.
Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause, but there is someone to look after my tsumami crafts and customers.

Strawberry Box

bx-イチゴA fierce spring storm in the afternoon, and on going.
I have decided not to go to work today, and it was a wise decision to make!

Another collaboration between cartonnage and tsumami craft.
This decorative piece may be suitble on a dressing table for storing small things.

Inside of the box has character as well.
If you are interested to see how it looks, click here.


m-daliap.jpgThe first business-day in April.
This supposed to be full of new events, meeting people, and etc.
Hope this meeting new people is a wonderful thing and bring mnay joys.

At the same time, to me, new season means awful lots of admin work and preparations....

This Dalia is gentle and sweet pink and surrounding purple flowers emphasize the sweetness of the Dalia.


mc-2連桜The last day of the 2k540 event was rain with gasty wind!!
Luckily, I avoided the rain on the way and way back, so did not have any damage.

Although this three-day-event (this term reminds me of something different...) was really tough, it was great experience to have.

I am very grateful to those who visited the event and appriciated our work, family and friends come to cheer us up, and those attended to the lessons.
Thanks you very much for your support!!

Today is the first day of the new season.
Hope people moving to a new stage will have a bright future and wonderful days.
Cherry blossoms are used as a metaphor of success - particularly for university entrance exam.