Day 2 @ 2k540

mc−小梅03The second day at 2k540.
I had easier time today as I did not have any lesson to teach.
Frends come to visit us, and thanks to them, we had lovely sweets for tea. (thank you!!)

These are mini-comb with a little plum flower.
Good to use as one-point accent for your hair, and to add a touch of elegance.
It will be cute to wear with a pair of jeans.

@ 2k540

2k540.jpgThe Day One at 2k540.
Thanks a lot t those who came and joined my workship sessions, and staff supported me, and all.

Although the first day is the most important day and one should not be late for meeting-hour, I did as often heppenied on an event day...

It was a lovely warm day, but 2k540 was rather chilly and windy when trains pass.

Today was a big day for me because I need to look after workship sessions.
It is fun to see people wokring hard to produce somehting, and also a pleasures tobe associated to the memory of doing something feeling good.

Tomorrow, I will be there between 11:00and 13:00 due to the work I need to enage else where. Sorry....

Swinging flowers

st-梅A few days to go for the even at 2k540.
Stil lots to do left... I thought I was making fair progess and things are going as planned... well depends on the "plan", I suppose.

These small ones are accessaries for mobile phones, keys, etc.
The Japanese like to hang one (or several) of those from mobile phones.

Time to go back to work!!

The Market: Petit Lessons

あじさいpIn June, a lovely craft market - the Market - will be held at a cozy gallery in Nishi-Ogikubo.
The goods gather there are wonderful, but the petit lessons held there are more exiciting. Quite a variety to look at.

I also given a chance to do my small lessons there!
It might be a bit early to think about what happening in June, but worth booking in!

Japanese June is rainy season, and hydrageas are in full bloom. So, hydrangea is a symbolic flower of June in Japan.
Rainy season is not exactly something people are looking forward to, but with those pretty flowers, we can manage this month fairly light-heartedly ... I hope!

Date: 9 June (Sat) 16:30 - 18:30 or 13 June (Wed) 12:30 - 14:30
Place: Gallery Hiko, Nishi-Ogikubo
Lesson Fee: 3500 yen
What to bring: if necessary, an apron

This course is open to everyone, so if you are interested, just let me know via mail form on the right-bottom corner.


j-薔薇pGray day again...
It would be nice to have sunny weekend, but there is no point complaining about the weather.

This piece is consisted of two roses as main features surrounded by small flowers and rose vines.
The centres of the roses are large fresh water perls.

This may be a good hair accessory for parties and the situation requires dress-up.

Cherry Blossoms

m-簪Getting closer to the end of March, but the air is still chilly.
It is often happens even in Japan or in England, snowing around the Easter. So, maybe this weather is not particularly strange...

A large cherry blossom Kansashi with fresh water pearls.
Various shades of pink and pale violet may symbolize the gentle and warm atmosphere of the Spring.

The centre of flowers are swarovski and Czech beads.


m-daliab.jpgHad fun in Kanda last night.
It's good to be with friends and chat something trivial and, from time to time, things that are more serious.

One of my favourite flowers, Dalia.
This flower is large and gorgeous, and quite sure to give strong impression on beautifully arranged hair.

The centre of the flower is a large glittering swarovski which reflect lights from various directions.

Rose Tatting Necklace

rose-tatting.jpgToday is a cartonnage lesson day. Had a good time tackling to my small project. I enjoyed the lesson, but I could not finish my stuitcase.... pitty.

This piece is a collaboration of tatting lace and tsumami craft.
A small rose with a swinging perl bead can give you a touch of the Spring, and excitment of the Summer.

Rose broach can be removed. So if necessary, you can hand wash tatting nacklace and keep it clean and white!

Flower Cufflinks

c-2boxes-t.gifAlthough tsumami crafts are usually associated to the decoratives for females, I was wondering whether there is a room in male accessories.

I wasn't sure whether men would be interested in these pretty things, but come to think of it, there are lots of ties with lovely flower patterns; and really unique cufflinks.

Then, a person I met at one of the markets gave me a push.
He said he would be interested if there are tsumami cufflinks.

Collaboration of French and Japanese skills; tsumami cufflinks in a cartonnage box.

Cherry Blossoms

br桜It's a fine day but gusty wind is blowing....
I was thinking whather today could have been a better day for the market or not.
Maybe not....

Here is a branch of cherry tree in full blossom.
There are two buds still to flower - these are fresh water pearls.
This broach may add a touch of Spring to the wearer ... and surrounding people.
Whilst you wait for the cherry blossoms, you can enjoy this silk ones.

Akagi Marshe

こまあToday was the day of Akagi Marshe, the event I was really looking forward to. Unfortunately, the weather was not that kind to us.

In the morning, it looked alright, but just after 1 pm, it started raining....
Worse, there are lots of visitors to the marshe from early in the morning! If the weather hold it for a bit longer, there must have been lots of excitement and fun. Sad, but that what we cannot do much.

Althought it was a really short time to enjoy the marshe in full, there are still lovely things, such as meeting and chatting with friends and customers

Hope the marshe in April will be better, particularly in terms of the weather.


三連菊It's raining today... nice to be in a room, sitting on a sofa and sipping a lovely hot tea quietly.
But not tomorro, please!!

Tomorrow, Akagi Marshe is held, if the weather permits.
Hope, at least, stop raining....

These are combs with three chrysanthemums.
Pink and orange fabric used for the flowers have variaty, not monotonious one colour petals.
As for the centre of the flowers, fresh water perls are used to add further elegance.

One Day Workshop

One day workshop at 2k540 will be held on 29 and 30 March.
Each day has 3 sessions starting from: 12:30, 15:00 and 17:30.
Each session will take approximately 2 hours, and make one small accessory.

If you are interested, please see the details below and post a message via mail form below (in the right column). Just for caution, on 30 March, you can benefit more from the lession if you have command of Japanese, even a little.

Information required for application:
1. choice of a course (A - D) and time
2. type of accessory
3.experience in tsumami craft
4.colour group of your choice for the accessory

小梅A: Petit Plum Blossoms
Session available on: 29 March
Starting at: 12:30, 15:00, and 17:30

Small but pretty accessory with pearl bead and swarovski.
Suitable for the beginner.
Those flowers can be attached to either small hair comb or broach pin.

Lesson fee: 3000 yen

カメリアB: Camelia
Session available on: 29 March
Starting at: 12:30, 15:00, and 17:30

Gorgeous cameila and small flowers gather to make a broach or hair accessory.
This is a rather challanging piece for the beginner, so recommended to those who have some experiences with tsumami craft.
However, we welcome challange, so let us know. It, however, may be neccesary to prepare more than 2 hours of work ahead to complete this as a first-timer.

Lesson fee: 4500 yen

h30.jpgC: Chrysanthemum
Session available on: 30 March
Starting at: 12:30, 15:00, and 17:30

Chrysanthemum is a much regarded flower in Japan as is used for the symbol of Emperor's family crest.
This small broach with a perl drop is suitable for the beginners.
Task can be comfortably completed within 2 hours!

Lesson fee: 3000 yen

h45.jpgD: Kanzashi with Cherry Blossoms and Chrysanthemum
Session available on: 30 March
Starting at: 12:30, 15:00, and 17:30

It will be a beautiful Kanzashi to wear with two symbolic flowers of Japan, and a swinging tassel.
Depends of the choice of colour, it will go with dresses and even with a pair of jeans.
This lovely piece has only one downsite - the first-timers may take a bit longer than 2 hours.
Still intereste, then contact via mail form to arrange time and fee.

Lesson fee: 4500 yen

Events in March

boxSomehow, the schedule in March is really packed for me.
I wonder how this happened...

18 March (Sun)
Akagi Marshe
10:00 - 17:00
@ Akagi Shrine, Kagurazaka
Stations near by: Kagurazaka, Iidabashi, and Ushigome Kagurazaka

The location (Kagurazaka) is superb, and the people coming to the market are really nice.
Furthermore, there are lots of cute and unique handcrafted goods gather to this marshe.

Akagi Marshe official site (JP)

29 (Thu) - 31 (Sat) March
Paulownia boxes and Silk flowers
11:00 - 19:00
(29: 11:30 - / 31: - 18:30)
@ 2k540, between Okachimachi and Akihabara
Stations near by: Akihabara, Okachimachi, and Suehiro-cho

Collaboration of a joiner and two tsumami creaters, including myself in the town of craftmanship.
2k540 is a home to various craft shops with quality.

The wooden boxes have smooth surface with simple but elegant carvings. They definately got a character.

As for tsumami craft, there will be wide variaty in colours and forms - from small pins to gorgeous Kanzashi.

Another feature in this event is workshop of tsumami craft.
If you are interested in traditional craft skill, you can try and enjoy it.
Workshop will be held everyday between 12:30 and 19:00 (except for Saturday, 12:30 - 17:00).
One session takes approx. 2 hours.
The deatails are coming soon.

2k540 official site (JP)

- 23 June
Hands Gallery Market
@ Tokyu Hands Shibuya branch 7F
nearest station: Shibuya

The next to Hands cafe, there are space for creaters.
Crafts in various categories are gathered there.
On the same floor, there are tools for experimental activities - science staffs.

Hands Gallery Market official site (JP)

Cherry and Plum blossoms

福梅Tsumami is a Japanese traditional craft skill.
Tsumami uses a square fabric of silk, folding it a few times, and forms a petal.

I use silk Kimono, particularly Kimono nobody wears any more, but still has its own beauty preserved.

Tsumami accessories are mainly used by head decorations of the Maiko (Geisya), and hair accessories for special occasions, such as the coming of age day.

In modern Japan, these are rare opportunities... so I was searching for more opportunities that poeple can enjoy this beautiful pieces - for instance, even when people are wearing jeans - by making more casual accessories.

This Kanzashi is for special occasion, mostly used with long sleeve Kimono (Furisode) for parties and family gatherings.
As the wearer moves, fresh water pearls will be swinging elegantly