hp-201405-1.jpgMy new life is getting stable and starts having routine, which is good.
Following this, I am in need of some chat and drinks!
But things are turning very well for me.
Friends and colleagues are coming to Kyoto!

Three hairpins with lovely bubble-like thing on.
They aren't big, but big enough to be cute on your hair.

Little flowers

pin-20131113.jpgWednesdays used to be my favourite day because less work to do. But now, it is the harderst day of the week.
Partly because of Wednesdays, a week flies.

Tonnes of work, I should be grateful.
At least, people think I am capable... (truth remainds unproved yet!)

There are some things on their way, but here are small flowers made for quick satisfaction of mine.


hp-20131028.jpgToughest day of the week - Wednesday.
I need to be two places one at a time (quite normal), but these places are about 90mins away from one another.
.... far.

Anyway, once I finish everyhing on Wednesday, what await me is weekend!
Looking forward to it.

Another hairpins.
Want to make more structured ones...

Flower Pins

hp-20131028-2.jpgNew project at my work...
I have no idea why I should be the team leader of this project.
To be honest, the project is the kind I like, but I don't like the number of the members. Simply too many.
It will be very difficult to have consensus, or even just agreement.

But if boss said I am the leader, I have to be.

Will I have time for tsumami craft??

Hair pins with lovely pinkish colours.
Nice for autumn ... or toward Christmas??

The Pinkies

ho-201310.jpgLittle by little, began to make flowers.
Partly because I need to create somthing for the coming event, and partly because I want to prepare for November.

As a start, hairpins - pink ones.
In the box I keep hair pins, there are only blues and greens
Bright and light colours may be necessary!