A touch of Autumn

er-poranges.jpgI think I am becoming a liar year after year because I cannot keep promise nowadays.
There are so many overdues issues on my plates...
To me, this is serious.

But today, I managed to submit one task with nearly 2 days delay. Feeling a bit better, but at the same time feeling guilty.

Other thing due today was bang on time, and it was not my efforts - other people's.
My book is out, and on the shelves of book shops.
Can find it on Amazon as well.

Anyway, there is a pair of earrings with a touch of autumn feeling.

Coral Pink

er-ca20130820.jpgOne of the significant events in Summer is highschool baseball championship.
Yes, it is, indeed!
Champion from each prefecture gather at Koshien in Kobe, and do their best.

This Summer, my prefecture is in the final!
Small in population, country-side, nothing fansy, i.e., very difficult to go up the league really.

Good luck to the boys playing tomorrow's final!

Anyway, a pair of earring with pale pink drops.
Fairly big in size, so it will give an impression and character to the wearer.

Jewel Red

er-red201308.jpgAnother sleepy day...
I don't know why I am so sleepy whole day, and mind you I don't have room to sleep til my heart content!

But I fell asleep....

Anyway, a pair of pierce earring.... without fittings.
I like these red crystal art parts.

... I am wondering where my fittings are.
Need to find out...

Summer Flowers

er-201308.jpgThe fabric I dyed the other day finally being shaped.
I haven't decided which parts should come with this pair yet .... should it be pierce earring or just earring?

The pink drops are handy work of Atelier Freedom, one of the member of f3.

I am enjoying new challenges with fabirc dye and creation with new texture!


ねこIt was a lovely day having three cream puffs at work
But, I knew I am supposed to be on a diet, and trying to lose a bit of weight...
Never mine, I will start tomorrow!!

Cats with elegant brown patals.
Lovely with autumn colour garmets.