cl-紫陽花201405-1It's been about a month and half since I moved to Kyoto.
Lovely place to live, but have no idea where I can get what I need/want.

I was too tired to do anything before, but finally I regained my energy to look for "things" and enjoy myself.

...and I realized that I left this blog for nearly 3 months!

Orange Cream

cl-20131207-1.jpgEnjoying brief holiday in Kansai.
Doing nothing is really precious.
Meeting friends, and having good chat and food.

Soft coloured chrysanthemum for multiple use - this type seems to be popular. Might be because of the flower volume?
Size may matter, after all!

Cornus Floridas

bl-20131209.jpgThere are so many want-to-do and need-to-do.
Balancing these two is important, I know.
The reality, however, isn't that easy....

Anyway, it's Christmas eve, and my first Christmas do tonight!
I used to have lots in England, but not in Japan.

Cornus Floridas on a hair clip.
I like this flower which came to Japan as a symbole of friendship between the US and Japan.

Silk and Pearls

cl-20131207.jpgReally holible week I spent for the first week of December.
I barely had time for myself, and kept working wholeday.
At night, it was very difficult to stay awake for 2 hours after dinner...

Anyway, this is NORMAL December days.
and it last only week and a bit.
It means this week, I will have better days... I hope.

Clips for shawls.
The middle of the flowers are fresh water pearls.

Plum Petals

bt-20131114x.jpgI saw some Philippinos gathering and standing behind a stall.
One of them found me and waving at me.
It was someone I know!

They were selling some snacks of Philippeno specialities for fundrasing for typhoon victims.
I bought a packet of corn snack to contribute wee bit.

Hair clips with plum petal and swarovski stones.
Charming and useful for both daily and special occasions.