Purple Box with Lace and Hygrangea

bx-purple.jpgStart raining at night.
Did't relised it until quite late at night as I was taking a nap on a sofa....

Suppose I was really tired because of the beginning of the new fiscal year, and a week with new people and slightly different environment.

Anyway, glad to know there is a weekend almost no plan ahead of me!!
I definately need it.

This purple box with hydrangea came out as a beauty, despite the fact that inside, I could do better.
I am grateful that my friend liked this piece and brought it with him.

A box with Chrysanthemums

bx-菊Today, went to acupuncture as "maintenace" of my body.
My needs in acupuncture is quite serious, particularly after Mitsukoshi event, for which I work so hard (maybe too hard).

Anyway, this is a box with chrysanthemums.
The size is good for accessaries, and puffs for make-up.
Outside feature is rather plain, but inside is different.
It's fun.
If you like to see inside, visit here.

Strawberry Box

bx-イチゴA fierce spring storm in the afternoon, and on going.
I have decided not to go to work today, and it was a wise decision to make!

Another collaboration between cartonnage and tsumami craft.
This decorative piece may be suitble on a dressing table for storing small things.

Inside of the box has character as well.
If you are interested to see how it looks, click here.