ob-20131225.jpg2013, the last day but one.
Nothing really special is going on at my place.
Working and taking a nap, and eating.

I intend to do a bit more work tonight as I watch Poirot from my DVD collection.

Small winter flowers - camellias.
These are accessories for Kimono.
May beed more variety for this sort....

Crystal Flowers

pt-20131114.jpgA new opus finally came out.
I tried several versions, and have settled to this.
It's gorgeous, but can be used both ordinally office day, and special evening or weekend!

Planning to make some more of this sort within a few weeks.

String of flowers

st-201310.jpgDuring the day, it is still hot, but nice and cool in the evening and morning!
My "tea life" is back.
In August, it was too hot to have nice cups of tea, and I gave up this custom.

But now, thanks to the trip to my sisters who gave me excess tea bags at hers, and to England (F&M's - the only shop open when I saw in London around 8 pm), I have lovely teas now! and enjoying them.

Small accessories for keys and cell phones.
Had no intention of making these again, but someone used my book as shopping catalogue...


pt-cameria20130426.jpgToday was my big day - event wise.
I was planning to do serious health check this summer.
So spent quite lot of money, and did it!

The result was - unbelievably good.
The doctor asked me "you don't drink much, do you?" (the answer is YES, I do drink quite a bit)
"and sweets?" (the answer is, of course I LOVE them)

So, I think I can drink and eat my favourites: alcholic drinks, crisps, and sweets! hooray! :)

Anyway, pendant of camellia.
Would be nice of Autumn garmet.


pt-cameria20130426-3.jpgIt was a lovely evening with interesting people at Shibuya.
Supposed to be a gathering with newly weds, but as I thought, it turned out to be a another rather "business oriented" meeting led by the one from 2 weeks ago.

My surprise there is always the length of time they spend chatting (or discussing?).
Last nithgt, we started around 18:30 and ended 23:30.

But happy to be there, enjoy listening and learning from what they say.

Orange camellia with beautiful drop glass bead.
Lovely decoration for Autumn.