Blue Bouquet

cm-201405.jpgNear my house, there are two shraines.
One of them is having antuique fair once a month.
Last Sunday was the day of fair.

I could have looked at it if I did not have to go to work!
Hopefully, I can catch it next month...

A comb with blue flowers.
It gives a sort of fresh feeling with cool colours.
Lovely with summer garmets.

Cherry Blossoms

mcm-20140910-1.jpgThe season has gone quite a while ago for real cherry blossoms, but they are Japanese national flower, and hence, Japanese use this motif through the year in the Kimono world.

Small combs to add extra decoration on your hair.
They will be nice with other hair decorations.

Plum Petals

tdy-mc201331.jpgOn the way to work, I found plum blossos.
It's in someone's garden, but it is visible from street.

Some year, the flowers suddenly appear and surprise me, but other year, flowers increase gradually.
Either way, I enjoyed small white petals.

And here are my small patals, made of tenugui.

Cherry Blossoms

cm-201401-1.jpgToward the end of a FY, peopole are leaving for a new horizon.
One of the teams I am involved also have people leaving...
Sad, but it will be good for everyone's future.

A comb with Spring flowers.
At the beginning, I thought big-three are difficult colours to match with others, but they settled nicely.

Cherry Blossom

cm-201401sakura.jpgAt long last, weekend has come!
Today was the last of my hectic working days, and from next week, things are expected to calm down.

There are always "unexpected" and "beyond imagination" things to come, but still, let's look at the bright side of the situation!

Anyway, cherry blossom with violet colour petals.
Lovely conbination to indicate a touch of Spring!