f3-20130611.jpgAfter work, went to look for boxes to fit into my new shelf, and possibly a cabinet for kitchen.
I've been checking IKEA online catalogue for sometimes, but as usual, I reached to the conclusion that I MUST go to IKEA myself to decide.

Thnking of my life in this place, it took me over 5 years to reconsider options and to rearrange rooms for better

I know it's too slow, but that's me.

hmjf.jpgBy the way, Handmade in Japan Festa sent us booth number at last.
We will be on B-180 and 181.
It seems the main brand name will be "f3", not Fukusaya.
But I will bring fukusaya staff as well.

Now I amsufficiently fit to think about future events, and things I need to do.
Will be myself very soon, I hope.


f3-20130611-2.jpgLovely sorbet colour glass bead and deep read chrystal art part set with a peach pink flower.
To some extent, very sweet and girly.
I believe this isn't too girly after all.

This piece put together of three people's effort - glass bead, chrystal art, and tsumami. It is fun to work with other people and creating something I cannot make alone.

This corabollative work is named F3 (pronouce as f-three, although logo and meaning are actually "f cube").

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