Moment of the beauty

km-20131129.jpgAnother picture of coming-of-age day!

These kanzashi were worn with deep purple Kimono with fabulous petterns on it.

I love this hair style, which is somehow eye-catching to me.
Maybe because this made me feel classic and modern at the same time.

Lovely to see how the Kanzashi I made are actually used!

the moment of

km-20131124.jpgThe moment of excitiment, and gratitude... and possibly relief.

I recieved photos of the Kanzashi I made for coming-of-age day in full cordination.
It seems Kanzashi is fit into its place, and has harmony with others. What a relief!

Although Kanzashi was made with all possible consideration I can give, there are always anxiaty left in me.

My gratitudes to sending me the photos, and allowing me to introduce one of them.


photobook.jpgOne of my friends told me that she "published" a photo book of her works.
It was good size, and lovely.
People at hers were impressed.

Now, we all have our own photo books!
I got one, too!

Friends are really precious, we share information, support each other, and help developing our skills.

Trip to Europe

france201309.jpgLooking back my a-bit-less-than-2-week trip to France and England.
...or explaning/making excuses of my nearly 2 weeks absence?
Either way, here are the pictures.

It was really good fun and I enjoyed a lot.
First set of pictures were taken in France - Paris, Bordeaux, Arcachon and St Emilion.

peak201309.jpgFrom Bordeaux, I flew to Birhimgham, and proceeded to Stoke-on-Trent that is famous for pottery like Wedgewood.

From Stoke, I went to White Peak area, to be precise, Upper Hulme.

It was lovely to be back in the Peak, and walk around the hills, sometimes, struggling against gusty winds.
Very England, and very nice.

After a long walk, there should be a superb pint.
I did have one - actually two local ale.


class201308.jpgThe other day, went to tsumami lesson, where I am a student.

It is always wonderful to have something one can learn.
In addition, there is always interesting things going on there.
So, classes give me tsumami skills and life skills!

...Well, I got lots of homework to do by next session.

deme201308.jpgNot really important, but this one is my pet, a goldfish.
It does not have name yet, but I was told I should decided one for s/he. (someone please tell me how to differentiate she or he of goldfish?)

This one is lovely, but rather ... slow in various things.
It crash into the green, and it cannot find food, even it moves slowly...

But, I chose it and love it already.
It's very nice to see someone, apart from myself, moving in my home.