er-20131024.jpgAnother typhoon approaching to Japan, and I am travelling again.

When I uploaded schedule yesterday, I wasn't aware that this blog was not updated for a week!
One week passed already...
Time really flies.

Anyway, here is a pair of juicy grape coloured earrings with shining swarovski.

Cherry Blossoms

tdy20131008-3.jpgAnother cherry blossoms.
Small Kanzashi for various occasions.
I quite like this size and colour.

Tomorrow is Akagi Marche.
I am looking forward to be there, and meet cute goods and nice people.
It's always nice to see friendly faces and enjoy lively and lovely chat with them.

Cherry Blossoms Autumn ver.

tdy20131008-2.jpgCherry blossoms in Autumn, and the colour is Autumn taste.
I thought we can have cherry blossoms in different colours as this flower is accepted as "pattern through the year".

The Japanese are fussy about seasonal flowers, and we should not wear/use out-of-season flowers with Kimono, but Cherry blossom is national flower so can be used in any season.

It's a small Kanzashi which can be used for various hair styles.

Autumn flowers

tdy20131008-1.jpgI started pylori.
No, no, no.
I started elimination of pylori.
7days, twice a day, no alcoholic drinks.


I will do it. I can do it!!

Autumn flower casual version.
Small one point on your hair.


tdy-20131009.jpgThis comb came out with "grown-up-ish" tast after recovering from my mistake.
Considering these two combs I created after my "mistake", I think that was a good mistake after all.

Small and good for casual use, but still elegant.
I love the colours!

Other my favourite colours are on their way, though:)