Blue Bouquet

cm-201405.jpgNear my house, there are two shraines.
One of them is having antuique fair once a month.
Last Sunday was the day of fair.

I could have looked at it if I did not have to go to work!
Hopefully, I can catch it next month...

A comb with blue flowers.
It gives a sort of fresh feeling with cool colours.
Lovely with summer garmets.


hp-201405-1.jpgMy new life is getting stable and starts having routine, which is good.
Following this, I am in need of some chat and drinks!
But things are turning very well for me.
Friends and colleagues are coming to Kyoto!

Three hairpins with lovely bubble-like thing on.
They aren't big, but big enough to be cute on your hair.

Summer breeze

br-201405-1.jpgA small broach to give a touch of freshness like a gentle breeze.

It is getting warmer ... probably hotter already in Kyoto.
The sun light made everything shine, so I start choosing something cool and fresh.

I love this ruled behaviour of small patels on this work.
It's rather soothing, and the process of making it makes me feel as if I am in a healing session.

Cherry Blossoms

mcm-20140910-1.jpgThe season has gone quite a while ago for real cherry blossoms, but they are Japanese national flower, and hence, Japanese use this motif through the year in the Kimono world.

Small combs to add extra decoration on your hair.
They will be nice with other hair decorations.


cl-紫陽花201405-1It's been about a month and half since I moved to Kyoto.
Lovely place to live, but have no idea where I can get what I need/want.

I was too tired to do anything before, but finally I regained my energy to look for "things" and enjoy myself.

...and I realized that I left this blog for nearly 3 months!